PROFESIONALISME JURNALIS TELEVISI LOKAL(Studi pada Jurnalis Agropolitan Televisi Batu)

RIDUAN, RIDUAN (2009) PROFESIONALISME JURNALIS TELEVISI LOKAL(Studi pada Jurnalis Agropolitan Televisi Batu). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Attendance of local television will add variation of or choice to society to get information, entertainment amusement and education. Local television become tribune debate of local society regarding local problems or issues which is facing. Besides local television can become medium development of area potency. This matter is not quit of role of local television which also start to make news alone. Other side of attendance of television station which big so do not accompany with availibility of adequate human resource. This matter because during the time founding of television shall only nationally limited itupun in character so that human resource had limited also. So that them which sometimes do not have pengalamanpun recruited as employees or even owned education it do not correlate is at all with television. Things above causing local television media tend to to become less professional. Condition of local television as new comer, previous of founding of television only at]just national scale, causing local television media have limitation, good at human resource (SDM) and also resource of finansial. Its minim of this resource finally cause employees (journalist of TV local) becoming not professional, because ill assorted system reward with amount of job and also demand company of local television either from facet of[is quality of and also news amount. On the basis of problem background, writer interest to lifting it]in erudite writing of skripsi. Problems which is writer raise in writing of this skripsi shall be as follows: How journalist professionalism at local television station of Agropolitan Television (ATV) Stone in working to make and display news. Research of this skripsi use descriptive approach qualitative. Descriptive research aim to portray systematicly certain characteristic or fact or certain area by aktual and is careful. For acquirement of writer data specify informan that is by taking entire/all journalist of Agropilitan Television amounting to 8 people with reason of entire/all the journalist very is assisting of researcher in obtaining more complete data about journalist professionalism at station of Agropolitan Teleisi. Technique the used is technique of purposive sampling namely sapel aim to. Research location is place catch real situation of accurate obyek. In this research of research location specified by in Agropilitan Television. To obtain;get needed data, researcher use the following data collecting technique: (1) Interview (2) Observation (3) and documentation. Researcher use data analysis qualitative, that is conducted effort by way of working with data, organizational of data, memilah-milahnya become set of able to be managed, its, searching and finding pattern, finding what is necessary and what studied and decide what can be told others. Pursuant to solution and boldness can be concluded: All journalist of ATV Stone not yet fulfilled professional standard. That Ketidakprofesionalan is caused by karna: (1) Background and of kualifikasi education all journalist of ATV Stone disagree with its profession. (2) Company still not yet given competent appreciation and salary to employees. Most education kualifikasi all employees do not journalistic berbasic, only passing trainings of just kerjurnalisan. (3) journalist of ATV not yet can be told the expert in pekekerjaan, this matter is proved by still is often found by news which lose looks. (4). All frequent journalist impinge code of etik journalistic.

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Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Communication Sience
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