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Bullying is a form of aggression where there is a power imbalance between perpetrator and victims, which in this case the actors always have the power to the victim are in a weaker position than the perpetrator. The bullying comes from English, from said the bull, which means bull butting happy here and there. This term finally taken to describe an act of destructive (destroying or damaging). Act bullying is likely to be considered trivial to some people. But the view i sepert that's what ultimately makes the act of bullying is increasing among teenagers. By Therefore, this study was aimed to find out how the profile personality of adolescents who commit such bullying. This research is a qualitative descriptive study, with research subjects as much as three person who is a teenager who committed any bullying in their daily life. Research began on December 10, 2008 until February 25, 2009 in the City Malang. Data collection techniques used is to use graphics tests and interview. To check the validity of techniques used data source triangulation technique. From these results, note that the three subjects who perform acts of bullying have the mindset of an imaginative and have not reached the level of maturity (juvenile) and the feelings of inadequacy in him. That makes them less assertive with yourself which is then shown to act without thinking first. In the face of problems, individuals tend to be easily anxious, easily frustrated, feeling no secure and less confident. Their nature tend to be introverts make them tend to hide problems. Some of them, tend to run away from problems faced by letting the problem is complete in itself, so the problem is not resolved properly. For adjustment to the environment social, most adolescents who commit such bullying has and adaptation unfavorable adjustment. This is due to feelings of anxiety in self- them to achieve social contacts that exist in society. In a family environment can be concluded that parenting is parenting adopted autocratic (authoritarian). The things that finally made them tersebutlah acts of bullying against the person Another, in which players here have the power to victims who are in a position which is weaker than the perpetrator. Bullying is done as compensation that they more superior than others. ABSTRAC Bullying is one of Aggression form the which there are imbalanced power Between subject and victim, the which in this, the subject always has power above the victim was weaker Than the World Health Organization subject. Bullying Came from Bahasa Indonesia, from word 'bull', the which attacked to every direction. This term finally Used to Explain destructive action. This action Considered as simple bullying incident for perform certain society. But this view bullying Increased in Adolescent group. That's why the research was done to find out about The Adolescent Personality WHO did bullying. The research was qualitative descriptive research, with three subjects were the resource persons Adolescents WHO's WHO did bullying in Their daily life. The research was started at December 10th 2008 to February 25th 2009 in Malang City. Data collection technique Used graphical test and interview. Data validity Used source triangulation. From the research, there found the three subjects of bullying WHO did have imaginative thought pattern and wasn't Able to reach maturity (Childish) and Also there is' incapable feeling in. themselves. It made Them lack of discipline on themselves the which showed by fast-unthinkable action. In facing the problem, the individual was easy to be anxious, frustration Easier, insecure, and lack of confidence. Their introverted attitude Made Them hide every problem existed. Some of Them run from the problems faced by letting the problem over, so That the problem left Unsolved. For self-fitness with the social environment, most of Adolescent WHO did have a bad bullying self-adaptation and fitness. To Fit Their social environment, most of the Adolescent WHO did bullying has bad self-adaptation and fitness. It the caused by anxiousness to get social contacts in society. In the family environment, concluded there Could Be Used That the treatment pattern was autocratic pattern. Should it make Them did bullying to the other people Nowhere did the subject Their power to perform certain victim weaker WHO were the resource persons from the subject. Bullying was done as compensation to make Them Felt person above another.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Psychology > Department of Psychology (73201)
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Date Deposited: 27 Jun 2012 04:11
Last Modified: 27 Jun 2012 04:11

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