Saptono, Rio (2009) TINJAUAN YURIDIS SOSIOLOGIS TERHADAP PENAMBANGAN PASIR DI SUNGAI BRANTAS (Studi di Kecamatan Bandar Kedungmulyo Kabupaten Jombang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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In development, natural resource, that was human resource and the nature would not stick out the role. Exploitation and u sing natural resource activities, or lack negative effect or uncounted negative effect. In natural environment rule No.23 / 1997 about Environmental Management, there stated that everyone has rights of their environment, management, and maintenance. It means everybody have rights to manage their neighborhood and also it maintenance efforts. The writer would present about the sand mining around Brantas river which considered would have negative effect for the environment around. As the example, the broken environment caused by the sand mining activity could cause erosion, stuck irrigation, slide of embankment, etc. The sand mining is a criminal since the sand mining activity along Brantas river according to the governor instruction No.36 / 1994 stated in section 1 number (1) was not allowed. If there was still sand mining around Brantas river, the sand mining was illegal. From the witness explanation, could be stated that and mining around Brantas river was dangerous for people around the sand mining. Destruction could also happened to the ecosystem around Brantas river. In analyzing above problems, the writer used law sources collection by using data from primary source. They were environmental law and secondary environmental, which was analyzed in socio-juridical. There were two statement of problems discussed by the writer, they were: 1. How the juridical perspective of sand mining in Brantas river in Bandar Kedungmulyo sub-district Jombang Residence? 2. How the role of Patas team in managing the sand mining in Brantas River at Bandar Kedungmulyo Jombang Residence? In rule No.23 / 1997 about Natural Environment Management, there stated that everyone has rights to manage his/her environment and maintenance. It means that everyone has rights to manage and maintain their environment according to the existing law. From both problems, the writer conclude that sand mining in Brantas River Bandar Kedungmulyo sub-district, Jombang Residence was illegal, since it broke the East Java Regional law No. 1 / 2005 about Mining Business Control C group in Riverside East Java Province, section 5 verse (1), section 7 verse (1) and section 22 verse (3), and Environment rule No 23 / 1997 about Natural Environment, section 5 and section 6 The writer suggested the miners to stop their activity which didn’t fit the condition and procedure according to the rule existed, so that there would be no broken environment and people around the mine.

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