THE EFFECTIVENESS OF COMPANY WEBSITE IN ASSISTING PUBLIC RELATIONS ACTIVITY(A Descriptive Qualitative study on International Exchange Participan tsthrough AIESEC International Organization Visited Chandigarh, India)

SAPUTRA, GANDABHASKARA (2009) THE EFFECTIVENESS OF COMPANY WEBSITE IN ASSISTING PUBLIC RELATIONS ACTIVITY(A Descriptive Qualitative study on International Exchange Participan tsthrough AIESEC International Organization Visited Chandigarh, India). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The objective of the research which titled The Effectiveness of Company Website (A Descriptive Qualitative Study On International Exchange Participants Through AIESEC International Organization Visited Chandigarh, India) ) is acquired concise explanation about how effective the communication mass media tools such as Internet, which formed in a Company Website to assist Public Relation Activity in the Tourism Company as Society for Tourism and Entertainments Promotions, which established under the Chandigarh UT, Department of Cultural Affairs and Public Relation, District Government of Chandigarh, India. This research was conducted on ten respondents of International Exchange Participants that goes under the great Organizations based on Exchange so-called AIESEC runs by students, exist in more than 110 countries, and visited Chandigarh as their main destination, and has accessed the company’s website. The overt and structured interviewed along with documentation were conducted to acquire the main data. Meanwhile, the interview was held ones for each respondent which took place at their current places. The research used descriptive qualitative method to measure the accuracy in describing the fact, and identify the possibility occurred. The Universe of the study consisted of International Tourist visited Chandigarh as an Exchange Participants through AIESEC Organization, visiting the city during the month of August to September 2008 and ever visited the website of, were mainly as three major criteria, assumed as a eligible respondents. From the field were determined 10 respondents that eligible taken as the samples. Researcher briefly used related theory of technical standard on Mass Media theory, it is Uses and Gratification Theory, and The Innovations Theory, which will be break down in two factors represents the technical factors to describe the web’s friendly matter, and psychological factors to describe the matter of satisfactory level. Researcher use Data Collection, Data Simplification, Data Classification, Data Interpretation, Data Conceptualization and Theoretical discussion to identify and to analyze the factors that lies behind the Public Relation Activity and its effectiveness in using the Website as Innovative tools of mass communication. The research revealed on its results that there are two main factors that concisely approved the effectiveness of company website affectively assist the Public Relation Activity. Those factors are, the technical factor dealing with particular awareness, instruction, procedures, technique, and application of using the webiste pre departure, departure, and arrival in Chandigarh, India. In the form of: (a) knowledge;(b) persuasion; (c) decision; (d) implementation; (e) Confirmation of these website as a innovation tools in used by the company. The psychological factor dealing with the internal factor, in the form of behaviour, motive, personality, or cognitive system that explain humans behaviour. In abroad social psychological theory adopted from innovations theory purports to describe the patterns of adoption, explain the mechanism, and assist in predicting whether and how a new invention will be succsesful. There are several things that recommended such as for the the continous researcher expected to improve the research in manner of effectiveness not only assisting the Public Relation activity but deeper on how this advance media will reach publics to assist the company sustainable in the perspective of Public Relations diciplines to obtain an optimal and strong result. Researcher also recommend several contribution that acquired from the respondents during the research conducted, it is preferable for the STEPS Company, Chandigarh and to all whom it may concern especially in maintaining and developing the web it self. a. Since the Website already become public relation strong asset and thriven on challenge with such highly competitive pressure between others media, so STEPS Company should improve the quality and adaptable to the users in wide nations and countries along with the PR Practitioner to avoid inefficiency and infectivity. b. The Performa of the web content is preferable to be upgrade, more attractive, fresh and dynamic.

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