Susantin, Wiwiyandari Widaryati (2010) ANALISIS TELA'AH SOSIAL BUDAYA PADA TEMBANG MACAPAT MADURA. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Literary work is a literary embodiment in the form of oral or written therein contained. Cultural values are very closely related to the society, namely in the form of art area called macapat. This art community grow and thrive in Madura that having originated on the reading of Islam and its teachings containing ketauhidansehingga evolved into an art song. Macapat Art is art in which the area containing the messages conveyed to the public. This literary work that will be studied in this research is the art macapat. Macapat which is one form of work in the form of chanted poetry. Macapat usually in the form of chanted poetry and religious­themed tips or advice,literature. This is the background of this research. The purpose of this study was to obtain a description of reverence to God, her husband and both parents in the story "Fly Murtasia" in macapat Madura. The approach in this research using sociological, that is an approach that seeks to understand the background sosialbudaya life in society. The method used in this study is descriptive exploratory. Data collection techniques include: (1) interviews and documentation and drawings; (2) data processing techniques, and (3) data analysis techniques. Data types and sources of data, namely primary and secondary data. Data processing techniques include: (1) tabulating each of the data, (2) analyze the data according to the theoretical basis, and (3) describe the results of the analysis. The analysis result indicates that: (1) respect for human beings to god that is expressed in the "song of macapat Madura" there by running all of his orders and stay away from all of its ban. By continuing to beg the prayers, and reading the Qur'an as a guide to life given by God, (2) respect for human beings to obey the husband is ordered, obedient and loyal to her husband; (3) respect for human beings on both parents always dutiful to parents, please guide the parents in doing a job and do a certain act

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