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Following up from research that have conducted by former researcher (Andre Aswara / 2005, Andoko, Zulailli, Doni / 2006 ) about the importance of cooler of waste water representing discard water result of factory production. Besides as replacer appliance that has existed (cooling tower, windmill system), later expected can be made one of alternative cooler seen the existence of insuffiency at cooler system that has existed. Hence base on government ordinance about (Environment Ordinance No. 23 / 1997 (Ordinance Government No.18 / 1999 about Processing of Poisonous and Dangerous Waste Materials), and also (PP RI No. 82 Year 2001 about Processing Quality and Control of Contamination Water) thereby dismissal deviation case of water waste during this time can be overcome. For Example PG. Kebon Agung Malang, refrigeration it water waste used relocation pool with sprayer method, water sprayed above the pool. Because of happened contact of water grain of hot waste with air above the pool, hence water kalor permeated by air so that water temperature be going down. Along with increasing capacities produce of sugar factory hence also happened increasing hot waste. The increasing of cooler system capacities become complaint but it burdened by limitation of farm, limitation water cooler, and limitation expense. Predecessor study for a few similar system recommend aerator model that is air hypodermic into hot waste water, so that formed peripatetic air bubble on surface by permeating water kalor so that water temperature be going down. To be strived air bubble in a refined condition but in much number. In aerator device development as waste water cooler, researcher get some required parameter utilize for application need later. That parameter among others is relation (Q) kalor with air stream mass ( air) at temperature 400C, 500C, 600C with diffuser diameter (0.001m, 0.0015m, 0.002m, 0.0025m) when more and more resulted debit ( air) that to be given hence (Q) also be permeated more and more. Hence easily operator would know how big need (air) that to be need to reserve some kalor existed. Then relation between (∆T air) with air stream mass ( air) at temperature 400C, 500C, 600C with has many kind of diffuser diameter (0.001m, 0.0015m, 0.002, 0.0025m) state more and more air bubble hence ever greater temperature difference that happened. Relation graph Re with Nu happened highest point from experiment 4 with value Nu 2.737378 with Re 5,00E-08. Detection of trajectory distance length with 4 diameter variation in the reality balance of kalor happened at placement of diffuser 0,6 - 0,9m. Purpose of this after knowing the distance hence can be enhanced pipe of diffuser compiling above of it so that absorbtion of kalor more maximal. In scheme of aerator as a waste water cooler hence there must be a equation formula as base in its calculation known Nu = C Rem Prn and to fulfill that is Nu = 2.153 Re26.948 Pr0.4.

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