Azmi, Ulul (2011) UJI STABILITAS WARNA TABLET EFFERVESCENT DARI EKSTRAK PIGMEN MAWAR MERAH (Rosa sp.) (Kajian Varietas dan Kopigmentasi). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Indonesia is one of the countries which produces a bundent rose in the world. Regarding that great potential of roses, it is necessary to create the diversivication of the use of roses by keeping their activde substance, especially its anthocyanin valuable as anti-oxidant for human body. One of the ways is by producing softdrink in the form of effervescent tablet and copigmantation. Anthocyanin stability which the most significant in color quality. Color shift happened in anthocyanin found since several factors. They are pH, metal complex, and copigmentation. On the basis of the background of the research, this research is intended to find out the quality of red rose pigment extract to the variances of red rose, the interaction between red rose variances and copigmentation (chitosan, alginate, and tartrate acid) to ward the stability of effervescent tablet color, and the advantages of the copigmentation to increase the color stability of effervescent tablet. The research was done in two phases by three repeatations. First phase (I) was tasting the quality of red rose pigment extract by two levels flower variances factors, local Batu (A1) variance and hybrid (A2) variance by using simple complete random design. The second phase (II) was using group random design arranged in factorial, consisting of two factors. Factor 1 consisted of two levels and factor 2 consisted of 3 levels. Factors used in this research included flower variance (A) and copigmentation (B). The parameter of observation included water rate, pH, glucose rate, pigment absorbtion, total soluble solid, color intensity, texture, soluble ability, and organoleptic test of taste, aroma, color, and appearance. The research finding is that effervescent tablet rose extract showed that the best is found in the hybrid variance and copigmentation of tartrate acid, water rate 2.38 %; texture 70.67 kg/cm2; pH 6.03; soluble ability 71.33g/detik; total soluble solid 0.987 %; hygroscopic 0.37 gram; brightness (L) 40.27; redness (a+) 2.00; yellowness (b+) 4.20; and test organoleptic 2.31; color 2.04; aroma 2.64 and appearance 2.33 red rose effervescent tablet.

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