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PESAN SOSIAL YANG TERTUANG DALAM KARIKATUR (Analisis Semiotik pada Karikatur Buku Orang Miskin Dilarang Sekolah, Orang Miskin Dilarang Sakit dan Orang Miskin Tanpa Subsidi karangan Eko Prasetyo)

SYUKRON, SYUKRON (2009) PESAN SOSIAL YANG TERTUANG DALAM KARIKATUR (Analisis Semiotik pada Karikatur Buku Orang Miskin Dilarang Sekolah, Orang Miskin Dilarang Sakit dan Orang Miskin Tanpa Subsidi karangan Eko Prasetyo). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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This Research is constituted by phenomenon which enough tickle researcher natural existence. Mass media and inseparable caricature generally. Attend cartoon him or caricature become oasis in the middle of news bombardir of actual lifted. As real as cartoon and caricature is matter leaving for back, even cannot be told is a same. Cartoon more is emphasizing at of comedy element and depiction of illustration do not experience of "distortion", but caricature is a more emphasizing picture of element "in disorder" in its illustration. Intrude such is depiction to something given by payload more and sold on element of satire (certain satire people). But in so many cartoon mass media and caricature assumed by same thing. Pakarti is one of them. a cartoon community of indonesia, but if us see its depiction there many there are caricature picture compared to cartoon. Panji Koming more is precise referred as by caricature compared to cartoon, but G.M Sudharta (drawer) alone mention cartoonist it’s self is not caricaturist. This represent matter which lame. Researcher interest to study caricature which there are in is serial of book prohibited is impecunious of composition of Eko Prasetyo, because this book according to researcher " success" article converge (text) with caricature picture. This matter become to differ of the book is other. Though this book adapting a story many quantitative data "weight" what it is true circulating many at medium print. Kompas, Swa, Gatra, Republika, etc. The data if without "help" caricature will felt is saturated. Furthermore in meaning caricature in the book namely Pauper Prohibited by School (January, 2005), Pauper Without Subsidy (April, 2005) and also Pauper Prohibited by Pain (April, 2005) we need to pay attention meaning hidden at aspect "seen". Interest of researcher do not desist there, hereinafter researcher more interest to comment caricature which framing pauper action, because according to researcher, not many people which is concern to marginal majority clan. Caricaturist in illustrating impecunious people face really interesting. Pauper emerge in frame concerning, and according to caricaturist require to feel pity for. Researcher formulate the problem of how sign meaning and message at caricature having element lame, dissonant, barst and also in book prohibited is impecunious, and also why marking which implied in 31 caricature meant that way? To easy to mean sign which implied in caricature, researcher use analysis of semiotic property of Charles Sanders Pierce pursuant to icon, index, and symbol of Roland Barthes about konotasi, myth, and to strengthen analysis, researcher use what is in caricature in is serial of book prohibited impecunious there are culture code namely, hermeunitika, semantic, symbolic, naration, and cultural. By using analysis above, researcher can catch meaning at the opposite of between the line meaning of caricature. Namely sign which emerge is caricature in impecunious prohibited serial is always depicted with oposition of element "rich", this matter of researcher assess to confirm pauper to be remain to and impecunious always is. Furthermore of pauper being construct through some element supporting namely in all day long its of pauper always used shirts, short pants, have singlet, slipper footgear to nip frequent even do not use footgear. its Face expression is always embosomed by sorrow, hopeless, and any accept everthing that happened. Work of pauper framed to embosom shoe polish, flank labour, TKI, farmer, seller of tempe fry, beggar, PKL. This Matter is later then re-confirmed that pauper only "can" have bicycle transportation appliance of kebo bike. Important sign emerging later then is that pauper easy to once dumbweed-provote-even to the reason of absurd even if. Researcher caricature study the first time use approach of Pierce through tables, what is in the caricature there are icon, and index of symbol. Being easy to be made by pointer in the tables which later will be explained again with approach of Barthes conotation through culture code and myth. Conotation will emerge at third aspect, first aspect and Secondness emerge in perception of caricature and also writing of pointer. Thirdness is final aspect of caricature study which is researcher lean at culture code and myth. Dissonant text content namely caricaturist "framing" pauper figure which is easy to be cheated even with reason of illogical. Created of caricature "impecunious" with character "rich" frequent so many, this matter solely researcher what have show above utilizing to confirm pauper really impecunious. From researcher data analysis give practical suggestion namely depiction in pauper book without subsidy of peniliti assess have precisely, but at book hereinafter if with comic illustration, hence got by situation is reader in meaning repsentasi of this problem of which is lifted (pass/through) caricature less precise. Do not only fulfilling requirement of market, but in representated of is problem of which is lifted as real as passing real correct caricature of caricature is precise matter. Concerning place setting must strenghtened again with other supporter instrument, do not just sit side by side (among/between) the rich and the just impecunious, for example. While suggestion of academic expected study of to semiotic at caricature can be expostulated is furthermore, so that add exchequer of discourse about difference of cartoon and caricature so to be used in " scope" correct.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Communication Science (70201)
Depositing User: Anggit Aldila
Date Deposited: 03 Jul 2012 03:42
Last Modified: 03 Jul 2012 03:42

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