Ria Sari, Septi (2007) THE TEACHING OF ENGLISH TO YOUNG LEARNERS AT “PERMATA IMAN” KINDERGARTEN MALANG. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Present trends show that the teaching of English is not only conducted in elementary schools but even in kindergarten. The society wants their children to learn English earlier and also the schools want to prepare their students before they face English instructional materials in elementary schools. Since not all kindergartens include English as instructional materials, new research focusing on the teaching of English in kindergarten is needed. This study is focused on the teaching of English to young learners at “Permata Iman” kindergarten Malang. This school was chosen because English is one instructional material. The study tries to answer the statement of problems about: (1) the teaching techniques chosen, (2) the instructional materials used, and (3) the instructional media used. The design of this study is descriptive qualitative. The instruments used to collect the data are observation, interview and documents. The data collection itself took two weeks, which consisted of three steps: (1) observing the teaching process in the classroom, (2) interviewing the teacher, and (3) taking fieldnotes. Meanwhile, the data analysis procedures are: (1) coding categories, (2) sorting the data that differ, (3) displaying the data, (4) discussing the findings, and (5) making a conclusion. The findings of this study shown that there are several points included in the teaching of English at “Permata Iman” kindergarten Malang. First, the teaching techniques used are listenrepeat, listenread, questionanswer, and listendo in games and songs. Question answer in the form of oral classical small quizzes was the most used teaching techniques. Second, the instructional materials are in form of vocabulary items related to the theme written in “SKM” (Satuan Kegiatan Mingguan) /Weekly Lesson Plan. And also the instructional material in this kindergarten used Fun English Magazine. It is quite good for the instructional materials that are in line with the objective of the teaching of English in kindergarten that is to introduce certain English vocabulary items. Third, the teacher rarely used any instructional media. The audio visual room and other supporting media which hang on the wall in front of the class were also not used effectively.

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