Yusron, Muhammad (2007) THE REASONS OF THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TAKE ENGLISH COURSE IN MALANG. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The writer want to analyze the reasons of some students for learning language especially English and find 6 reason from Harmer (1991) reference they are school curriculum, advancement, target language community, english of specific purpose, culture and miscellaneous. This research was descriptive in which the researcher tried to identify the reasons of the senior high school students take English course and also the most dominant reason. In collecting the data, the researcher used questionnaires and interview. In this case questionnaire consist 15 structured forms and 2 unstructured forms were used to collect the data from the students and also 5 unstructured interviews as cross check. The findings of the study indicated that most dominant reason is school curriculum, advancement, culture, miscellaneous, English for Specific Purpose and Target language community. The first reason choosen by student’s because they want to support their English subject in their school. They want to get good scores in English subject and pass their exam. Second is they will get a better job with two languages capability than if they only know their mother tongue. Third is culture because they want to know more about the people who speak it and learn their language, admire the culture and have a desire to become familiar with or even integrate into the society in which the language is used (Falk 1978). fourth is miscellaneous, means that there are many other possible reasons for learning language. Fifth is English for Specific Purpose means that applied to situations where students have some specific reason for wanting to learn the language. Sixth is Target Language Community means that sometime the student is learning the language which inhabitants speaks, because by studying the language they will be safe in that environment and communicate well.

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