Geografi Dialek Bahasa Madura Di Daerah Pesisir Probolinggo

DEWI, FETRINA RAHMA (2010) Geografi Dialek Bahasa Madura Di Daerah Pesisir Probolinggo. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Probolinggo is one of horseshoe region, since it was shaped by two cultures, they were Javanese and Madurese. In its development, both language influenced each other. Madura language was dominant language in Probolinggo region, since its geographical area separated from Madura island and influenced by Javanese culture, Madura language of Probolinggo Coastal Area dialect has interesting character to be researched whether from vocabulary, morphology, or phonology. From the background, the research discuss two problems, they were the variance of Madura Language variation in Probolinggo coastal from the perspective of vocabulary, phonology, morphology, and spread mapping of Madura langage dialect in Probolinggo coastal area from the perspective of vocabulary, phonology, and morphology. The problems I discussed according to dialect theory and dialect geographic. The research used qualitative with descriptive method. Data in this research was Madura language vocabulary used by society in Probolinggo coastal region. The data I found by observation and SLC. From analysis I’ve done, there found that there were differences between formal Madura language with Madura language dialect in Probolinggo Coastal Area. The difference could be seen in vocabulary, phonology, and morphology. In vocabulary, the differences could be grouped as the character of Madura language dialect in probolinggo Coastal, the vocabulary characteristic of Probolinggo consisted of: (1) influenced by Javanese; (2) tendency to doubled two first consonant in a word, and (3) tendency to add consonant /h/ in the last vocal word. In the beginning of phonology, there were 9 characters consisted of: (1) vocal erasing in first syllable, (2) raising vocal speech in semi-opened syllable, (3) lower vocal speech in closed syllable, (4) vocal changing, (5) consonant /h/ addition in the last syllable, (6) adding consonant in first syllable, (7) consonant changing in first syllable, (8) consonant) deleting in first syllable, and (9) raising vocal speech in opened syllable. In morphology there found little difference between Madura language dialect of Probolinggo coastal with formal Madura language. In its spread, usage of Madura language Probolinggo coastal created two group, they were west coastal area and east coastal area, but both region has no absolute role or existed in all Madura language elements. It was proven by Madura language elements which its spread overcome the limit of the two language region.

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