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Street hawkers (street vendors) is one of the informal sector workers is phenomenal known in Indonesia, this is due to various unresolved problems. These workers would be in the market, on the outskirts of the road and there are even under a bridge in the urban areas. Most of them are migrants who come from rural areas, assuming that this could be promising urban areas, alter, improve life in many ways, particularly family economic improvement to their lives. Street hawkers (street vendors) in the large market town of Malang in general, including the low. economic status. If seen and researched the business they are generally done with a small amount of capital without even the slightest financial capital, they only have to loan capital. Therefore the amount of their income could be considered low. So in between the street vendors who have a large market town of Malang were also there that does not own their own home. They survived with only a rental house that included substandard. In fact, they often can live freely (Nebeng of family or acquaintances). Low income and not in accordance with the requirements they must meet. In the meantime, these vendors also have a low education level, average education level has a primary and junior high. This has, to spread to the children of other words; their children could not continue their education due to Able not afford it. Hence, with the above issue is also highly influenced by the needs fulfillment vendors themselves. Mentioned are physiological needs or physical needs, where basic needs are most urgent in order to determine the biological preservation of their survival. Thus, one reason for them to work as street vendors is looking for the needs of daily life, because for them to find other jobs very difficult. The research methodology that is used descriptive types of research with a qualitative approach, which describes an event or events that were observed and also to describe a phenomenon. Descriptive Qualitative kind of research is in order to explore clarify and social phenomenon by describing a number of variables related to the problem and the unit under study. In this case is to try to describing the substance problem, which related to the efforts of vendors in fulfilling the needs of daily life in the big market town of Malang. The aim of this study was to determine the efforts of vendors in the market area of Malang City in meeting the needs of daily life Based on the research results can be seen that efforts to meet the needs of street vendors in daily life in the big market town of Malang is as follows: 1.Upaya to improve merchandise In increasing their goods, street vendors have some effort to expedite the merchandise can be sold out in the community. These efforts, among others: a. His efforts to improve the quality or the quality, the benefits of the merchandise itself is owned b. Efforts in maintaining the cleanliness, good hygiene and sanitary goods environment c. Adjust the price of their goods to market standards d. The level of service to consumers of goods 2. The effort than as a street vendor, Indeed some traders rely solely on income from their goods. But some also have other efforts to meet the needs of daily life, these efforts include the following: a. Providing services such as laundry, ironing and cooking b. Working as Farm Workers in the agricultural harvest season c. Making snacks at home to sell back Street vendors in meeting their needs met because of lack of family economic factors. For income derived the daily also still minimal or mediocre. The reason the subject of trade because they want to find the necessity of life to support the family. Type of merchandise sold to the public most foods or fruits. Like fried foods, beverages, ice and fruits, other than that there is also SEMBAKO (nine basic) and clothing. Sale price is not too expensive because the market price adjusted, in other words, relatively inexpensive. Street vendors as a source of livelihood, because it clearly should require very serious attention by the government, especially in aspects of management. Because after all vendors kebaradaan very helpful to fulfill the needs of the community lives, particularly in middle-class society down.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Social Welfare (72201)
Depositing User: Rayi Tegar Pamungkas
Date Deposited: 08 May 2012 03:01
Last Modified: 08 May 2012 03:01

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