A study of Reading Teaching Technique Used by The Teacher for the first Year Student at SMANegeri 1 Babat

RIFA’I AROFAT, MOCH. (2007) A study of Reading Teaching Technique Used by The Teacher for the first Year Student at SMANegeri 1 Babat. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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This study was aimed to describe and to explore the techniques in teaching reading used in SMAN 1 Babat. Besides, it is expected that the study will inform about the usage of the Teaching Techniques in reading used by the teacher for the first year students at SMAN 1 Babat. It is very important to know and to understand that a certain school has some different teaching learning techniques. A descriptive qualitative was used during this study, meaning that the writer only investigated and described the techniques used in SMAN 1 Babat. The subject of this study was the first year English teacher at SMAN 1 Babat. To investigate and to explore the techniques used, the writer used observation and interview as a research instrument. There were two steps used by the writer to obtain the data. First, the writer observed the techniques in classroom activity twice for each week (2 week observation) by using observational checklist. Second the writer conducted interview with the teacher in order to cross check and clarify what had been observed. In this study the writer found that teacher in SMAN 1 Babat was using lecturing, discussion and games. The advantages of these techniques were: the students were easily handled, more active in a class, and more enthusiastic to take a part in class. The difficulties were the different achievement from one student to another, sometimes the overlapping information, and drifted off the topic. The ways how to cope with the difficulties were: for those who were inactive, the teacher asked them to formulate some written questions to be submitted to the teacher; the teacher monitored them and gave them little explanation toward the topic when they found misunderstanding between the presenter and the audiences. It can be concluded from the main problems during the implementation of the technique, that the teacher should change a model of the technique which means not only using discussion, lecturing etc. The teacher should try to find other techniques which are appropriate for a certain subject. Rolling the techniques from one meeting to another meeting is necessary, so that the students will not get bored in a class activity.

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