METODE PENDIDIKAN AKHLAK (Telaah Terhadap Hadits­-hadits Akhlak dalam Kitab Riyadhus Shalihin)

RAMEDAN, RAMEDAN (2009) METODE PENDIDIKAN AKHLAK (Telaah Terhadap Hadits­-hadits Akhlak dalam Kitab Riyadhus Shalihin). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Rasulullah SAW., Was sent to perfect morals ummatnya, and sebaikbaik generation is a generation of people who live in the age of the Prophet Muhammad. The all because of the Prophet Muhammad., educate the friends with the guidance of revelation and appropriate methods. On the other hand, the crisis experienced by the character of this nation so memperihatinkan. Therefore there is no other way to overcome the moral crisis it but by copying the methods adopted by the Prophet SAW., In educating his companions. This study aims to describe the methods SAW Rasululla., Into teach morals to his companions in the book Riyadhus Righteous. While the formulation of the problem to be answered in this research is Rasulullah SAW bagaimaa method., in the teaching of morality to the friend in the book Ruyadhus Righteous? This research uses a qualitative approach, whereas the method used in this research is the study of research libraries (Library Research) with research subjects are the hadiths the Prophet Muhammad., contained in the book Righteous Riyadhus essay Imam Nawawi. Hadiths which became the subject research is the moral hadiths to God who is only transmitted by Bukhari, Muslim, or a history of both is often called the Agreed alaih. The data was collected through the identification of the hadiths morals to God. While the data analysis model using qualitative data analysis. The results showed that the Prophet Muhammad., In teaching morals of God to his companions by using the methods as follows: 1. Lecture Method; 2. The method of dialogue or questions and answers; 3. Meode Story; 4. Method Tamtsil; 5. Method Targhib; 6. Method Tarhib; 7. Method Qasham; and 8. Modeling methods.

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Divisions: Faculty of Islamic Studies > Department of Tarbiyah
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Date Deposited: 27 Jun 2012 03:55
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