Rhestikowati, Novie Anggraeni (2007) PENYUSUNAN NORMA TES KREATIVITAS PERFORMANCE DENGAN MEDIA ORIGAMI( Untuk Anak Usia 6-7 Tahun ). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Test in psychology is part of important thing to measure some one creativity, in Indonesia creativity test is very limited, so, it need making the new appliance creativity test to add various test creativity that has been made. origami is a art fold paper which is from Japan and it has been popular. it is one of game which is delighted by the children. but it not only as game, but also has potency to be able to improve the creativity, because in origami, individual is demanded to think how to get good creations and original, and they are able to train assiduity, correctness, and neatness. it connect with creativity, so origami can be used as a means of measure that is able to measure the creativity storey level specially at children. Compiling a new test appliance need the way step by step which must be done. it is started by determining substance and test appliance that is used, doing try out utilize to determine the test administration, inclusive of determination of scoring and determine of subject research, executing research, doing scoring, test of validity and test reliabilities. and then it is done by a norm compilation. the norm is very important to be made because it is used as reference in interpreting a result of test (a test result). the research aims compile the norm of performance creativity test with origami media. the subject of this research is the children 6-10 years old. because at this period, creative potency of child is expanding in an optimal fashion so it need to get attention more serious. this research is a together research, so in this research, researcher more majoring at norm compilation for the child 6-7 year. for the other ages as well as calculation more detail about test of validity and reliabilities that is done by other researchers. Pursuant to test of validity and reliabilities that have been done, so the performance creativity test with the origami media expressed valid and reliable either through internal and also externally. internally with its aspect an externally after it is correlated by figural creativity test from Torrance, there is significant correlation between both of the test appliance with the result r (0,209-0,428) sig < (0,01-0,05). after word it is conducted compilation of norm performance creativity test with the origami media, by using percentile method, by dividing to be 5 categories that is grouped by pursuant to total scale score result that is very high >16, high 13-15, medium 11-12, low 8-10 and very low <8.

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