S, Zakiah (2007) PENYESUAIAN DIRI LANSIA ( PADA SUBYEK DENGAN STATUS SOSIAL EKONOMI RENDAH ). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Lansi adjustment is the ability to sustain their existence in both physical and spiritual changes and able to adapt to the surrounding environment, adjustment was also nerupakan individual's ability to adapt, acceptable environment for housing. The purpose of this research is to know the adjustment in elderly subjects with low socioeconomic status. In this study the researcher used the qualitative method, whereby the qualitative research the researcher is the main instrument. The data collection method used is, observation and interviews. Observations and interviews conducted over ten days all subjects. The subjects of this study consisted of three subjects, ie aged 67-84 years, consisted of two women and one man's widow widower male. Research conducted to get the result that, elderly adjustment in subjects with low economic status showed poor adjustment, this can be seen in accordance with aspects - aspects of adjustment are: 1. The existence of the right perception of reality or reality Adjustment of each - each subject (LK STI and YS) related to the fact or reality kehidupuan, respectively - each have the same problems, especially economic problems, where each - of the subjects found it difficult to make ends meet. 2. Able to cope with stress and fear in ourselves Of each - each subject was still able to cope with stress or problems encountered, how - how they were together in solving problems, to meet their needs always try for example by way of debt, if there is a problem talk (vent) to another person. 3. Can see yourself in a positive way Of the three subjects, LK, STI and Ys, respectively - each can assess themselves positively, this can be seen from how will those who continue to live life optimistically despite old age. 4. Ability to express emotions in oneself In expressing emotions, are classified as good and no problems but in a different address - different, yet - average they always talked to neighbors when there is a problem. 5. Having a good interpersonal relationship It can be seen here from the three subjects had a poor relationship, especially towards the environment, this can be seen from how they interact or interact only in their neighborhood only.

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