SETIYONO, SETIYONO (2007) AN ANALYSIS OF BAD LANGUAGE USED ON “8 MILE“MOVIE. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Language is an important tool of communication. Through language we can express our opinion, ideas, and suggestions. Language makes our communication easier. Language is a system of arbitrary verbal symbol by which members of speech community used as a means of communication to interact. To express their ideas, feeling, and thought, people use many kinds of language forms, namely, verbal and written expression. In the verbal expression, they use it in daily communication when they engage with their social life, and the written expression can be expressed into kind of written work, novel, and poetry. Human beings always contact and interact with others in their social life. It needs the instrument called language. Actually, in their surrounding there are a lot of social groups of community with different needs and necessities. This phenomenon causes the language that they use varies in different situation. The researcher focused on verbal expression of language on “ 8 Mile “ movie, especially on bad language used by actors and actresses on “ 8 Mile “ movie. “8 Mile “movie told about American people’s life, how they communicate or socialize with others. Many of them used bad language in the daily communication. They used these kinds of language in order to express anger, exhaustion, and show intimacy to each other. The data was analyzed by using qualitative research. The object was bad language used on “8 Mile “movie. The analysis focused purposively on the bad language on this movie. This was chosen because this movie has a lot of bad language. In conclusion, the researcher found there are three kinds of bad language used on “8 Mile “movie they are slang, taboo, swearing which varied in each scene. Bad language is used to show the expression of anger, intimacy, and insult. This study can give contribution to the study of sociolinguistics on bad language and can increase our knowledge about bad language and learn bad language from another culture.

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