ORIENTASI KURIKULUM PESANTREN (Studi Kasus Kurikulum Pesantren Hidayatullah Malang)

SIDIK, ILHAM (2007) ORIENTASI KURIKULUM PESANTREN (Studi Kasus Kurikulum Pesantren Hidayatullah Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Pesantren as institute education of eldest Islam in Indonesia, which the was existence of still eksis up to now, existence of having traditional functions, as expressed by by Azyumardi Azra namely: first, science transmission and Islam science transfer; both, conservancy of Islam tradition; and third, reproduce moslem scholar. At least third that thing is absolute there must be in institution a pesantren if will or still open to be conceived of [by] pesantren. To the number of pesantren which exist in Indonesia, resulting the happening of ketidakseragaman [among/between] one pesantren with pesantren of the other, so that [all] researchers of pesantren divide pesantren become three type of pesantren, first type [of] traditional pesantren ( salafiyah), Both, modern pesantren ( kholafiyah), and Third, pesantren of komperhensif.. indication of Ketidakseragaman, making pesantren orintasi one with the other different each other, [in] traditional pesantren [of] leadership usually more predominate by kyai, so that any policy [regarding/ hit] pesantren become his authority, because kyai considered to be [by] figure in the case of anything. While modern pesantren in the case of kepemiminan, applying system of syuro, so that orient more dominant pesantren [at] collective wisdom. A[N complicated enough problems which faced [by] pesantren, specially modern pesantren in this time [is] to, accomodating [among/between] curriculum base on pesantren with [common/ public] curriculum, where pesantren on the other side as institute education of Islam have to giving many religion curriculum payloads, while on the other side also, [common/ public] curriculum demand also require to be balanced. See from Maisonette case of Pesantren Hidayatullah, where Pesantren Hidayatullah make institute education of SMP and of SMA as formal school step [of] him which indirectly from one of [the] the aspect of namely curriculum aspect, more using [common/ public] curriculums from[at] curriculum of pesantren, though pesantren like mentioned above having function as place of transimisi Islam science, as well as cadre place [all] moslem scholars. Leaving of above background, researcher interest to perform [a] study entitling Orientation Curriculum of Pesantren Case Study Curriculum of Pesantren Malang Hidayatullah. Intention of this research is to to isn't it curriculum payload and structure applied [at] Malang Pesantren Hidayatullah, and to isn't it the intention of [at] curriculum model of Pesantren Malang Hidayatullah. This research use approach qualitative with case study method, as for this research data source is leader of pesantren and representing him, institute curriculum waka, and also lead mothering and or representing him. For data collecting used [by] observation method, documentation and inerview. technique analyse data use descriptive qualitative while last concerning technique keabasahan of data use extention of taking part in and triangulation. As for curriculum structure mount set of education of Malang SMP Ar­Rohmah Pesantren Hidayatullah Dau as follows : a. Subject 1) Education of Islamic Religion 2) Education of civic 3) Ianguage Indonesia 4) Ianguage English 5) Mathematics 6) Natural Sciences 7) Social Science 8) Artistic [of] Culture 9) Physical Education Of Sport, and health, 10. Skill/ Tekhnologi Information b. Local Payload 1) Ianguage Arab 2) Fiqih 3) Aqidah­Akhlak 4) Tarikh Islam 5) Alqur’An c. Development Of X'Self 1) Boy Scout 2) Electronics 3) Journalistic 4) Olympic [of] and club of KIR 5) Eksplorasi Area study ; Science, Mathematics , Conversation English, Ianguage Indonesia 6) Oration ( retorika) 7) Construction of hostel ( bouncing, independence and spiri­tual 8) Study of Hadis Nabawi. Pesantren Hidayatullah in the case of the orientation of more him emphasize at aspects of moralitas behavior and of santri while in the field of the curriculum science payload of slimmer him relative because [at] the practice of pesantren of Hidayatullah use governmental curriculum, Construction [in] hostel are one of [the] curriculum of[is non formal [of] Pesantren, positive activity executed [by] like muhasabah, study of hadis, study of al­Qur’an, student organization and sport and others, him of outside school [hour/clock], result of from construction of santri will evaluate [by] sebagaiamana evaluate subject and will be reported to sponsor of santri each;every isn't it the target of pesantren of Hidayatullah in founding institute education of SMP and of SMA in environment of pesantren is as maisonette strategy step to isn't it Islam, because society kecendurangan generally positive menggangap to [common/ public] institute. By itu made [by] lah a education design which is have background [to] of pesantren however also place forward Iesson of public.

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