Septiani, Rinda (2007) PENGARUH PENGIRIMAN TENAGA KERJA INDONESIA DILUAR NEGERI TERHADAP DEVISA TKI TAHUN 2001-2006. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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In this labour time become one of priority in plan development of this Indonesian matter is addressed to lessen unemployment and isn,t it society. One of the government ways that has been done is with program delivery of TKI beyond the sea, which conducted by government since year 1970. This matter besides can lessen unployment also have potency to give big enough foreing exchege to government. As for the target to delivery lobour go out aboard. Creating and extending employment, lessening unployment, improving propenty of society, Improving production of state’s stock exchange if seen from to the number of acceptqnces of foreign exchange of TKI hance researcher try to see got contribution and influence of delivery of TKI according to this researcher are aim to know do delivery of TM have an effect on growth of foreibg exchenge with period of research 2001 up to 2006 as for data which in using is data of sekunder which is of Depnakertrans and of BI. Analyzer the used is linear regression. This research find that Indonesia lobour beyond the sea give to growth of foreing exchenge and see fourthly of area (Asia Pasific, Timteng & Afrcan, American and Europe) also give give contribution of foreing exchege. At result of regresipanel data hance seen tha existence of influence of lobour to acceptance of state’s stock exchege equal to 0.92, becoming if there is improvement of TKI 1% hance foreing exchege of TKI will go down equal to is degradation equal to 0.92 % conseversely if there is degradation equal to 1 % hance foreing exchange of TKI will go down equal to 0.92%. from research result also in seeing that labour beyond the sea in each area give influence or contribution to foreing exchege of TKI. Area the middle east and African give biggest contribution that is 0.59, later then Asian area of African equal to 0.39 of American area and each Erope 0.17 and 0.10. as for variabel free and variabel tied to have very hand in glove relation / link, because at result of regresian wich is poeneliti do conduct determinasi equal to 0.83 or about 83% ang the rest influenced by other factor outside factor which in analysis in this research.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > HB Economic Theory
Divisions: Faculty of Economic > Department of Economics and Development Studies
Depositing User: Rayi Tegar Pamungkas
Date Deposited: 21 Jun 2012 03:59
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