Lestinasari, Risma (2007) STUDI KASUS FAKTOR-FAKTOR PENYEBAB TRANS DISOSIATIF. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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In a state of mental health, a person has a sense of self (sense of self) are intact as a human with a single basic personality. Mental health is the main capital of a human life. Without mentally healthy, a man can not carry out duties humanity well. A healthy human is not only physically fit, but also psychologically healthy. Free from human disturbance is an indication that mentally healthy. There are various kinds of mental disorder (mental disorder), one them is the dissociative trance disorder (dissociative trance disorder). In a society known as dissociative phenomena of trance. Trance trusted by the community as a condition that occurs when the spirit others enter one's and master it so that it becomes another in terms of speech, behavior and nature. His behavior became like there Another personality who 'enter'. Maramis (1994:418) call a dissociative mechanism which can lead to multiple personalities (multiple personality) and dissociative identity disorder (dissociative identity disorder). Kaplan & Sadock (1997:100) states that the major dysfunction in the dissociative is the loss of integrity of states of consciousness so that people feel no have experienced the confusion of identity or identity of its own or have multiple identities. Society considers that it happened because someone possessed has conceded the genie or spirit that makes strange behavior outside consciousness. And treatment according to the general public with a request help to the smart people, paranormal, religious scholars, and people which is considered an expert handle it. Rarely do patients with dissociative taken to the doctor. Trance in psychology known as dissociative phenomena which is defined as a psychological state that occurs due to a change in the functioning of self (identity, memory or consciousness) (Nevid, Rathus & Greene, 1997:236). This condition can occur suddenly or gradually, are temporary or chronic. This dissociation phenomenon refers to the trance dissociative. Dissociative trance is a temporary change in terms of consciousness or a weak / loss of feeling self-identity (sense of personal identity) without the emergence of new identities (Suryaningrum, 2006). Under conditions trance, loss of identity is not related to the emergence of new identities and actions raised during a trance state is generally not complex (Eg kejangkejang, bergulingguling, fall). According Hawari (2006), trance is a reaction that kejiwaaan called dissociation reaction (dissociative reactions). The reaction led to loss of ability to recognize the reality around him, due to pressure physically and mentally. This dissociation reaction upon them that his soul labile plus the condition that made him depressed. Stress that piled added a trigger enabling the controlled reaction of this subconscious 3 come to the surface, so that someone who is experiencing severe stress, then it very easy to experience dissociative trance. Here's one example the case of dissociative trance state as it has experienced by subjects in this study. The subjects had experienced a trance when aged 20 years. When the incident was the subject felt in him something control, he berteriakteriak and weeping and occurred nearly five hours ever, he did not realize that he is in a state of trance. The subject admitted before experiencing a trance, the subject has a variety of problems heavy. At that time many of the problems it faces, ranging from problems Personally, the problem with the family until the economic problems that can not be resolved. And finally permasalahanpermasalahan makes depressed subjects. The international medical world, especially psychiatry recognize the phenomenon and written in guiding the most recent psychiatric diagnosis Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder IV (DSMIV) and The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10 (ICD10). DSMIV enter possessed pathologic (pathologic possession) into a dissociative disorder diagnosis is not specific (dissociative disorder Otherwise not specified). ICD10 categorizes as disorders possessed trance and possession disorder (DSMIVTR, 2000). In fact in daily life, many people who experience dissociative trance without realizing it. In other words he refused to say trance for example, when they're driving, aircraft, and was watching TV in a state of daydreaming. Trance, case found in many third world countries. In India the culture and similar culture of Indonesia, possesion syndrome or hysterical possesion is a form of dissociation of the most frequently found. Figures happened approximately 1 4% from the general population. Epidemiological studies have possesion reportedly related to the social crisis in the community (Hidayat, 2006). Based on gender, women have a greater risk dissociative trance than boys. The condition usually occurs trans in women and is often associated with stress or trauma (Barlow & Durand, 2002:177). This is evident from the cases which occurs mostly are women. This may be because women are more sugestible or more easily influenced than boys. Those who have personality histerikal sugestible which one character is more risky for the dissociation or also become victims of crime hypnotist. Based on the age, most victims dissociation-old adolescents and young adults. Therefore, it can be concluded that those at risk for dissociation were female teens or young adults are easily influenced. Barlow & Durand (2002:174) states, when individuals felt detached from him or as if he was like a dream, it can be said he dissociative experience. Dissociation most likely occurs after kejadiankejadian which makes the individual very stressful. It may also occur when someone is weakened or psychic experience mental distress. Many species study expresses a relationship between traumatic events, particularly physical and sexual abuse during children, with dissociative (Kaplan, 1997:100). Dissociative trance state is a phenomenon that is admirable and interesting but confusing. Based on existing explanations, dissociative trance phenomenon is still unknown for certain reasons, so researchers are keen to raise this phenomenon as a scientific research. This study represents an initial step to know the factors the causes (etiology), a person may experience trance dissociative.

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