"Studi Perilaku Urban Warga Perumahan Liar"(Di Kampung Keramat Kelurahan Kasin Kec. Klojen Kota Malang)

Swastika, Bayu (2007) "Studi Perilaku Urban Warga Perumahan Liar"(Di Kampung Keramat Kelurahan Kasin Kec. Klojen Kota Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Illegal housing residents are part of the city as a whole of community life, at some point there are differences in principle on the structure of social life. A social group of city people who live differently from the formal logic of society, their social behavior have the wisdom to understand local zoning. Social behavior is so phenomenal for researchers who provide the desire and a form of knowledge is necessary for the dig. Slum conditions, squalid, cramped, lack of ventilation, lack of sunlight, and the dense population is an everyday environment that all the limitations. Utilizing the territories illegal informal groups develop practices phenomenal live under the threat of government with a policy of urban development, social norms of society, mentality sosial.seperti in some other developing countries perumahanliar will be a unique phenomenon of urban development that led to the metropolis city of fantasy . Real Estate wild Keramat village Kasin village district. Klojen Malang is an area currently occupied by informal groups in the city. As an informal group of city residents live in villages Keramat all limitations of life, in doring by factors that are not well-established work, low job opportunities that make strategic Keramat village to become the housing for marginalized groups. Cheap and efficient way to do social mobility and land prices are cheap. Based on this background, the formulation of research questions like how is the behavior of urban residents mengetahuai Keramat village. The research area is in the village Kasin Kec. Klojen Malang.jenis this study merupakn phenomenology research. Source of data using Key informan.teknik data collection using in-depth interviews and data analysis using dokumentasi.Teknik Findings, Researchers do describings the stage where the data are regrouped (coding and categorizing) to describe in depth. Next (thick descripion) as typifief meanings, meaning made thick description pengkatagorisasisan associated with the themes of how the behavior of the aggregated-separated by a certain understanding. All this research using phenomenological perspective in exploring, interpreting the object of study. The weakness of this study did not restrict to one of the great thinkers of phenomenology, was conducted by researchers because the choice is caused by the need for thematic object you want examined more as a pressure point. The results obtained are telling Keramat plebeian public cemetery land area Kasin a land area of 7428 ha. In the area of 7428 ha in the plot exactly 3. Tomb of general Kasin Brantas river is restricted to the east, along the banks of the river and still in the soil burial, sacred village in the sacred river embankment in the river embankment. Kampong Keramat Kasin cemetery occupies part of the area who are in an area of 1950 m2 plot 3 of 8 burial plots. Sacred springs village land can not be used optimally. The water in the soil dug from the yellow and smelled dreadful, although this has been dug with a certain depth (12 M). Citizens Keramat village now consists of 57 heads of families, with a total population of 223 residents. The desire to explore the object of this study wanted to tell a group of urban poor who felt the author would be a serious problem in the country of Indonesia.

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