PERMASALAHAN HUKUM PERCERAIAN YANG TERJADI ANTARA NARAPIDANA DENGAN ISTRINYA (Studi di Pengadilan Agama Malang dan Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Kelas IA Lowokwaru Malang)

LUTFI AZIZAH, ISNA (2007) PERMASALAHAN HUKUM PERCERAIAN YANG TERJADI ANTARA NARAPIDANA DENGAN ISTRINYA (Studi di Pengadilan Agama Malang dan Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Kelas IA Lowokwaru Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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A everlasting and happy family represent hungering for all one who marriage as according to Law of No.1 Year 1974. Within doors doorstep expected by there is balance among rights and obligations to wife husband, so that will not arise different idea able to result problems to its domesticity. Attitude So also is comprehending each other to couple, considering problems progressively complex might possibly arise and bother peacefulness a family at a period of this time. If the problems bother its domesticity and happened dispute which have cannot is again searched by its by street. Islam agree and enable divorce when divorce that\'s better or represent best resolving than in matrimony. Although divorce is lawful something that but most hateful by Allah. For that to husband/wife spouse expected do not in a hurry and or without reason of clear. This writer wish to tell about problem concerning divorce that happened convict with its wife. That a wife bring a lawsuit to the court to divorce or ask to divorce from its husband under colour of reason section 19 PP No.9 Year 1975 about Execution of Law of No.1 year 1974 as well as because its husband do deed impinge law. From result of research which is writer in Justice of Malang Religion and in Institute of society class 1A obtained by Lowokwaru Malang of data that during 2 (two year) that is year 2005-2006 divorce that happened at convict in Institute of society Lowokwaru Malang there are 36 case. And at annual report at Justice Of Malang Religion of Year 2005-2006 there are 19 case of divorce of convict which have been broken by vertex, its detail that is in the year 2005 there are 8 case and in the year 2006 there are 11 case which have been broken by vertex. Hereinafter the rest that is there are 15 case that is case which do not be reported by result of its conference decision As according to result of interview with by responder is researcher with convict divorce, that divorce happened because influenced by some factor that is moral factor, economic and factor existence of third party. From the result factors that\'s constituting wife procedure of divorces its husband. In divorce that happened at convict there are constraints which must face by husband, more than anything else husband status which as or convict of oaring which is experiencing a period crime, become its procedure do not as easy as with divorce procedure in general. When experiencing procedure in justice of its procedure religion is equal to procedure divorce to sue in general, differentiating that is when sued to reside in Institute of society, sued the have to follow procedure exist in institute of society. Convict which may similes with external society that is only convict which experience ½ from a period crime in fact and have got permit of Team Observer of society the mentioned pursuant to Handbill Lead Directorate of society No.Kp.10.13/3/1 8 February 1965. In this case released of Handbill Lead Directorate of society. the narrow convict rights. Convict ought to be the can assimilate with external society as according to section 14 Law No.12 year 1995 about society, hence gone into effect of the Handbill hence convict rights become smaller.

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