Mariya Anusasanawati, Aike (2009) EVALUASI KINERJA KOPERASI AGRO NIAGA INDONESIA (KANINDO) SYARIAH DI KABUPATEN MALANG. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Key word: (Performance, Assessment of Health, On Duty Cooperation) Growth of cooperation in Indonesia lately is exactly coloured with growth of cooperation with syariah system. Industrial of syariah banking show as one of the part contributor of national financial system stability. Koperasi Agro Niaga Indonesia (KANINDO) Syariah Malang represent cooperation having some business unit, one of them in the form of saving and loan unit using syariah system. Assessment of health of cooperation keep to borrow/saving and loan unit relate to standard from On Duty Cooperation and Small and Medium Industry Republic of Indonesia No 20/Per/M.KUKM/XI/2008 about Guidance of assessment of Health of Cooperation Saving and Loan and Unit Saving and Loan Cooperation. Health of saving and loan cooperation or saving and loan unit represent importance all related side of whether society, member candidate, third side member, official member, or government and also supervisor. According to financial standard from On Duty Cooperation, mount efficacy of criteron health of cooperation can be seen by using analysis of ratio Capital, Ratio Quality of Productive Asset, Ratio Management, Ratio Assessment of Efficiency, Ratio Likuidity, Ratio Independence and Growth, and also Ratio Spirit Cooperation.Each the aspect have different assessment criterion. Purpose of research is to evaluate performance of Koperasi Agro Niaga Indonesia (KANINDO) Syariah Malang period of year 2004-2008. Analyzer the use is ratios exist in Assessment standard On Duty Cooperation. After analysis to use the ratios, hence step hereinafter is to calculate and also compare result of that ratio with Standard Assessment from On Duty Cooperation. Result of obtained ratios analysis of year 2004-2008 at this Koperasi Agro Niaga Indonesia (KANINDO) Syariah Malang, hence writer conclude that this cooperation in the year 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 owning indisposed performance, while for year 2008 owning under the way performance or less success in the case of management of its cooperation. This matter is proven from result of calculation is seventh of that ratio which later, then compared to standard Assessment from On Duty Cooperation.

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