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MAKNA SIMBOL BUDAYA LOKAL DALAM IKLAN TELEVISI(Analisis Semiotik Terhadap Iklan Harian Pagi Surya Versi Gunung Bromo)

Malfianto, W. Malfianto (2009) MAKNA SIMBOL BUDAYA LOKAL DALAM IKLAN TELEVISI(Analisis Semiotik Terhadap Iklan Harian Pagi Surya Versi Gunung Bromo). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Keywords: symbols, local culture, television commercials, semiotics Television advertising is currently growing popularity of the various views and creativity. One of the media to deliver message effectively is to use the language of symbols which in this case is that there is a visual language on a daily ad impressions Surya morning. Culture is also a medium for communicating that always brings teachings - teachings, and also value - a lofty normative values. Surya daily advertising this morning shows all the elements - namely cultural elements of local culture and also Bromo Tengger society as an icon of East Java. Attraction researchers raised this ad as research objects because of the looks, the local culture is packaged in a visualization audiovisual quite interesting, especially the setting of the location, camera techniques as well as objects - objects that are used which will reflect the diverse cultural richness that exists in Indonesia and Bromo with Tenggernya community as one of the many tribes and local cultures that still hold firm Archipelago will value - the value of ancestral culture. The formulation of the problem in this research is what is the meaning of the symbols of local culture in television ads Daily Morning Surya version of "Mount Bromo". While the goal is to find out about the meaning of local cultural symbols in advertisements Daily Morning Solar Mount Bromo in the television version. Theory - the theory that a reference and basis of this research is to Ferdinand Saussure about putting a sign in the context of human communication by sorting between signifier (signifiant) and signified (the signified). Charles Sander Peirce's theory is also a reference in understanding the meaning of the sign - a sign contained in the Surya daily advertising that says that there are three types of index marks, icons, and symbols, other than that which gave birth to Richard Ivor Armstrong Semantic Triangle theory, which says that at this point its peak there is reference (mind) which menunujukan back memories of the past about a reality in the present context. While there are underlying referent and symbol. Referent object is perceived and created the impression in memory. While the symbol is the word - the word used to refer to the referent or object. From the above theories, the theory of Roland Barthes is a theory used in this research analysis process. This theory is more oriented towards the idea of the significance of two stages. Barthes explains that the significance of the first stage is the relationship between signifier and signified in a sign of external reality. Barthes called it a denotation, which is the most obvious meaning of the sign. Connotation is the term used by Barthes to show the significance of the second stage. To uncover the meaning of the signs contained in this television ad text, the researcher used the semiotic method that refers to Roland Barthes's model, where the meaning of signs through two levels of denotation and connotation. Barthes also look at other aspects of tagging is called a myth. Then type this research is descriptive, while the scope of this research is setting the location, the colors that dominate, body language and voice over television commercials that appear in the Daily Morning Surya version of "Mount Bromo". Data collected by way of seeing and reading the tape, and supported by several documents and literature data. To make it easier to know the hidden meaning behind the television ads Daily Morning Surya version of "Mount Bromo" then made a map table Roland Barthes first sign that contains levels of meaning and sign connotative denotative sign. The results of this study indicate that in television ads Daily Morning Surya TV version of "Mount Bromo", then it can be explained that the meaning - the meaning of symbols of local culture in the ad featuring Mount Bromo and Tengger society as an interpretation of the birth, grandeur, and the character of a print media in East Java, which is named as a morning daily newspaper Surya, explores news - especially news about East Java to the area - areas not yet touched by the media - other mass media. This can be seen from the model of traditional clothing worn in the ad. While the dark horse that is used daily is a representation of Surya, although its existence was not seeded, daily Surya still make every effort to become a leading print media, the dominance of colors calm and gentle voice over the sound of a man who steadily and firmly, setting locations in the Mount Bromo that exist only in East Java. From the final results of this study concluded that in the ads studied, cultural symbols is a very appropriate material as a part of the elements of an advertisement, in this case is Mount Bromo which is a symbol of East Java in particular and Indonesia in general are also icons. To the researchers recommended that further expand further references associated with the study of semiotics, and dig deeper into the critical signs that it is less deep pemaknaannya. From the research that has been done, it is expected to become inputs for the ad creators in producing an original ad and is the representation of values - noble values and further highlight the nation's cultural wealth of diverse local cultures that exist throughout the archipelago, so that ads can be a symbolic representation of reality - local cultural symbols that exist in society.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > H Social Sciences (General)
Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Communication Science (70201)
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