MUDRIYANA PRAKASARI, IKA (2009) ORIENTASI MASA DEPAN REMAJA PUTUS SEKOLAH. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Economy is regarded as the highest main cause of droup out problem, yet presumably culture factor also involved. The head of Education Department in East Java, Rasiyo, stated that there are two reasons of cause for the highest number of droup out from school. The first is family that they do not realize the utility of education, and the second is the access of students to the school. Based on the both factors, it can be known that the from family factor that must have close correlation to economy factor, by unsupported economy condition, family though that education has less utility in which their children future orientation lay on. While, the factor of access to the school, mostly it makes students lazy to have study in school. Besides, it does not give guarantee that teenagers from sufficient economy family has willingness to go to school, may be because they get influence from environment and individual himself or herself in which they do not want to go to school. It is also the factor of droup out. The comprehension of future orientation from droup out teenagers will be understood on how they should be treated. It is not apart from their burden as droup out teenagers, life challenge they face is commonly different in normative life in the society. This study uses qualitative approach. Data is collected by interview and guide interview as interview guidance. Subject in this study is droup out teenagers in 13 18 years old in Gabru, Kediri, they are 3 teens. Based on the result of study, it can be concluded that future orientation image on droup out teenagers are as follows : (1) Future orientation of droup out teenagers is more than job aspect, yet also education and marriage. It is because the three subjects want a better future by getting a job and get the best one. (2) Future orientation of droup out teenagers in education is low, while in marriage, all subjects want to get happy family with theirs but not in this time. All subjects want to get married in the appropriate age after the subjects get better job in order they can life happily with their family.

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