YULISTIOWATI, DEVY (2007) MOTIVASI MENIKAH PADA MAHASISWA. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Individuals in life senantasa need others to meet the needs of physically and psychologically. The presence of other people will be able to bring and improve security for individuals, especially when facing external uncertainty, the need for security and this recognition may be more pronounced when the individual is in an environment that often change and there is no guarantee of certainty of its future, to remain devoted to this need individual will make contact with its environment and bind itself in the existing norms in society. The types of bonding that exists in the community is very diverse both for short-term goals as well for the long term. One of them is aimed at forming a bond pernikahan.Pernikahan household or family who sakinah and every family will face numerous problems that come both from within the family itself or from the outside environment. In this study the researcher used qualitative research methods research procedures which produce descriptive data in the form of words written or spoken of the people and behaviors that can be observed. Once all the data collected and then made the presentation and analysis of data. Analysis of the data used in this research is descriptive analysis of mertupakan procedure is basically the way to obtain qualitative information such that information is meaningful. Based on the results of this study revealed that students have very diverse motivations when deciding to get married. Religious motivation is taken to avoid the sin of dating, social motivation is taken to get recognition from the community towards a relationship, the psychological motivation is taken to get a sense of security and a better life and biological motivation is taken to satisfy sexual needs. In conclusion, there are different motivations in this research. First, social motivation in which the marriage is closely connected with the norms and interaction in society, because only through marriage sexual relations between men and women in serta.Kedua passes, a religious motivation in which the teachings of religion, home life is the best way to worship and charitable benevolence. Third, biological motivation where it needs including the need for sex, sex needs to be accepted by the norms of Indonesian society is only through an institution called marriage. Fourth, psychological motivations where this is untukmendapatkan needs protection, feeling safe, loved and loving.

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