Yulistyarini K., Yeny (2007) PENGUKURAN SERVICE QUALITY PADA KEPUASAN NASABAH BANK BUKOPIN CABANG MALANG. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Research carried out the author titled "Measuring Service Quality Customer Satisfaction Bukopin In Malang Branch" The purpose of this study was to to know the service quality to customers Bukopin Malang Branch and to identify factors that need to be prioritized in order to meet customer satisfaction Bukopin Malang Branch. The analytical tool used in this research is the Customer Satisfaction Index (IKP) to measure customer satisfaction levels and the Importance and Performance Analysis (Importance-Performance Analysis) to rank a collection of services as a basic element to do what it takes action to improve the performance of services . Tests of validity in this study using correlation produck moment. As for reliability testing using Cronbach alpha. From the calculation of index of customer satisfaction there are 7 indicators assessed fairly satisfied, 9 indicators considered satisfied, and 4 indicators considered to be very satisfied by our customers Bukopin Malang Branch. Indicators of the most satisfying customers is part tellers Employees can understand customer needs is an indicator of the most satisfying customers. From the calculation of interest rate indicator of the teller staff provide fast service to its customers, in addition to the service procedure in Malang Branch Bukopin straightforward and spent a long time, is an indicator of services that most customers are considered important by Standby Savings Bank Branch Bukopin Malang, while From the results of the performance indicator level employees ranked the teller willing to consider suggestions from our customers, and variable insurance (Assurance), which represented employees of the teller indicators provide a courteous, friendly and not reluctant to say thank you seletah serve customers, is indicators with the worst performance level compared with other indicators. Indicators that are in quadrant A, which is an indicator that a top priority for service is part tellers Employees are willing to consider suggestions from our customers (X2.4), Employee the teller to give customers a good impression hearts (X4.2), waiting room provided Malang Branch Bukopin comfortable and adequate (X5.1). Suggestions for the management Bukopin Malang Branch should prepare a section of employees who are willing to consider suggestions tellers from the customers give a good impression hearts of customers and provide a more adequate waiting room and comfortable so that it can improve customer satisfaction. For further research can be developed by doing the same research on the Bank's main competitors Bulopin Malang Branch.

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