Analisa Perbadingan Kinerja Keuangan Bank Central Asia dan Bank Mandiri Periode 2002 – 2006

Yunus, Donni (2007) Analisa Perbadingan Kinerja Keuangan Bank Central Asia dan Bank Mandiri Periode 2002 – 2006. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The study was a descriptive type of comparative research, conducted at Bank Central Asia (PT) and Bank Mandiri (Persero), entitled "COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE BANK INDEPENDENT BANK CENTRAL ASIA AND THE PERIOD 2002-2006." The purpose of this study was to find out how the performance of Bank Central Asia and Bank Mandiri, remedy find out whether there are differences in financial performance of the Central Asia and Bank Mandiri in the period 2002-2006. Data analysis technique used in this study is in accordance with Circular Letter 26/5/BPPP BI approach is to use CAMEL (Capital, Asset, Management, Earning, Liquidity). Aspect Capital of both banks in the period of this study showed to have capital adequacy above the BI requirements of 8%. The average value of CAR of Bank Central Asia in the period of this study amounted to 25.52% while 25.86% of Bank Mandiri for Aspect Quality revealed that both the Bank had a pretty good asset quality, although in 2002 and 2006, Bank Mandiri's NPLs have not meet the specified standard BI. The average NPL in the last five years for Bank Central Asia is 2:02% and 13:49 to Bank Mandiri bank so that more than NPL Bank BCA Bank Mandiri. Earning second aspect of the Bank shows is able to manage their assets properly. This is evident from the value of ROA, ROE, in this period is quite high. BOPO value indicates the two banks can reduce its operational costs to a minimum. Liquidity Aspect of both banks are able to manage liquidity efficiently, Bank Central Asia LDR value of 23:48% per year from Bank Mandiri of 46.76% per year. Result analysis shows bank soundness of both banks have a very good financial predicate shown in tertimbnag value obtained from each aspect of using the CAMEL approach

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