Rakhmawati, Elfa (2008) IDENTIFIKASI SISWA LAMBAN BELAJAR DI SDN SUMBER SARI 03 MALANG. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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In a class with heterogenous students, students will be given the same treatment by the teacher, even in not infrequently, teacher tends to create competitive study to raise their students motivation without seeing any potencies in students. Competition situation will have different reaction from heterogeneous students. For stronger students, especially because they have high intellegence, they will feel bored because they should wait for their friends, while imbalance students because of their intellegence or other factors will raise learned helpness especially for slow leaner students. The purposes of this study is to know the way to identificate the slow leaner students and to know what characteristics had by clumsy study students. This study is conducted in SD Negeri Sumbersari 03 Malang that involve 4 research subjects and as the information source is teachers and parents. This study is conducted on 22 February up to 25 April 2008. The method to collect the data is observation, interview, Binnet test, checklist data of slow leaner students and oral mistakes checklist. The data analysis in this study is descriptive analysis. Based on the data, it shows that in SDN Sumbersari 3 especially from the 1st up to 3rd students are slow to leaner especially in reading by heart, uncertain, choking up and uncomfortable. Reading repetitively, always have mistake in spelling, giving infixation and inverted letters ‘b’ and ‘d’. They mostly difficult in comprehending words, easy to surrender, do not care and feel difficult to sit in 5 minutes and hard to concentrate. The difficulty to express what they think and often not finish assignments in the class. The causes of learning difficulty in reading is that heredity, thinking organization, and environment in relation with difficult economy, and the weakness of mental development. The difficulty to comprehend abstract concept. From the result of intellegence is that 3 students is on under average category. So, subject is clasified in slow leaner students. By that reason, there should be any advisoring or special education service in order to students can follow education program based on normal students.

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