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Sulihanto Putra, Tri (2008) PENGGUNAAN MEDIA MASSA UNTUK AKSES INFORMASI POLITIK (Studi Pada Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah Se­Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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This research is constituted to the a phenomenon showing growth of mass media as accessing natural information is make­up of which is signifikan. fresh and Newest information can be obtained by easy by exploiting existing mass media. Growth of electronic media especially and television of internet partake to experience of growth which is signifikan also. Internet within 10 the last year start merambah to various area in Indonesia, do not only just metropolis, in district and sub­province even also internet can be accessed by using cellular telephone. The fact of course induce at storey level produce media print causing at going down of media oplah print. Pursuant to data which have been mustered by Association Newspaper World year 1995­2003 newspaper oplah in natural America of degradation counted 5 %, in natural Europe of degradation counted 3 %, and in Japan of oplah newspaper go down counted 2 % ( Basfin Siregar, Magazine of GATRA edition 8 October 2005 page yard 73). For a while in Indonesia electronic media threat to media print possible not yet so felt, however sooner or later the mentioned will experience of by media print in Indonesia along with increasing Indonesia society intelectuality storey level it in the case of exploiting of media to access information. Newspaper which is diprediksi will progressively its role corner, in the reality still can give "resistance" to electronic media. Assorted of article and also data in newspaper and some circumstantial news is often made by a reference to academician circle. The mentioned indicate that in fact in our state in this time newspaper still reckoned, although in fact electronic media threat remain to continue. Academician circle of including student represent group of audience thirsty of information. As part of motor activator of change of nation, student activist have very role of signifikan in colouring change of this nation. Because of assorted the mentioned of absolute information required by student activist. Uses & Gratification Theory assume that consumer of media play the part of very active role in accessing mass media. Student activist as part of thirsty khalayak of information use mass media as accomplishment of its requirement. Political information as one of the information which is is absolute to be required by student activist can be accessed to pass/through mass media. Newspaper, television, and internet become media capable to fulfill requirement of student activist utilize to obtain get political information. For memperole result of researcher use descriptive method with approach qualitative, so that collected data will in form of as narrative data. As for result of which is obtained from this research is Tying Student activist of Muhammadiyahin Worse luck show mass media become the part of accomplishment of requirement of information will be political. Cadre of IMM more opting of television and newspaper as mass media selected to access political information. While radio and internet only made as supporter media in accomplishment of requirement of information will be political. Newspaper selected by because data panyajian in newspaper assessed enough detail upon which cadre reference of IMM, while television selected because presented information enough quickly and aktual. Internet become media which seldom be accessed by because still require the expense of more to access internet, whereas radio only used as by accomplishment of requirement of just entertainment amusement will be. Pursuant to the mentioned above, sabagai of part of student activist exist in Indonesia cadre of IMM represent the part of active khalayak use mass media as accessing political information. They use television and newspaper as accomplishment of requirement of information will be political. Datas which is detail become the reason of some of cadre of IMM chosen newspaper while presentation of news which quickly and aktual become the reason of cadre of IMM use television. The mentioned also indicate that student activist circle especially cadre of IMM in Worse luck still newspaper priority and television as accomplishment of requirement of information. On the other side, applying of theory of uses & gratification assessed enough precisely. The mentioned constituted that cadre of IMM have very active role of moment chosen media utilize to fulfill its requirement of information will be contemporary political.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: N Fine Arts > NE Print media
Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Communication Science (70201)
Depositing User: Rayi Tegar Pamungkas
Date Deposited: 13 Jun 2012 02:31
Last Modified: 13 Jun 2012 02:31

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