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PROSES PEMEKARAN WILAYAH (Studi di Kabupaten Kubu Raya Sebagai Daerah Pemekaran Dari Kabupaten Pontianak Kalimantan Barat)

RACHMAYANTI, EVI (2008) PROSES PEMEKARAN WILAYAH (Studi di Kabupaten Kubu Raya Sebagai Daerah Pemekaran Dari Kabupaten Pontianak Kalimantan Barat). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The development of regional development area didn’t go far from the regional autonomy principle application. In its basic principles, regional autonomy was media or way to answer basic problems of governmental arrangement and service to public. Regional autonomy should be way or effort to take the government closer to the people. Rule No.32 / 2004 brought freshness to the residence / City to do their own government on the decentralization basic (autonomy) in wide, real and responsible way. Strengthen factors of Kubu Raya Residence developmental process were the wide or residence line, the amount of citizens, the service area of residence government where the people were difficult to access the service because of the imbalance regional development. If in a residence, there only a few sub-districts had easy way in economic or bureaucracy, while the other sub-districts, since they were far from the central residence, they were left and ignored the host. That’s why by look at the regional condition and the location which was far from residence, the nine sub-districts in Pontianak, they were Batu Ampar sub- districts, Terentang, Kubu, Teluk Pakedai, Sungai Kakap, Rasau Jaya, Sungai Raya, Sungai Ambawang, and Kuala Mandor B had initiative to develop their village named Kubu Raya Residence. In this research, the writer used qualitative method, the research was descriptive. While the location was Pontianak residence, by cinsideration that Pontianak residence was host residence and the place where the writer lived which would make the research easier. The subject researched were The chief of Kubu Raya residence, The chief of Pontianak Residence (host residence), the chief of government and social wellnes department, the chief of regional employee, the chief of organization and financial, the chief of general department, the chief of citizenship and education, the chief of farm and forestry residence, people and village forum institution Kubu Raya residence and the elders of Pontianak Residence. The result showed that Kubu Raya residence area development process had run well. As showed by the other development regions. The process happened in 2 years, started by the will of the society to develop their region into new residence, Kubu Raya residence which represented by chief of villages from 9 sub-districts, the elders of Pontianak residence who was Bapak Muda Mahendrawan and Village Forum Institution of Kubu Raya Residence. The people will to develop their region was based on will for a better services in health, education, and so on, since the other area was far from the residence. That’s why there held a Team of Kubu Raya Residence development which called team 9 as container to accomodate and make access easier in forming Kubu Raya Residence. Then begin a struggle to prove people aspiration to form Kubu Raya Residence which started by aspiration to Pontianak Residence Representative, Chief of Pontianak Residence, Government of West Kalimantan Province, Chief of Pontianak Residence, Regional Government of West-Kalimantan Province, Governor of West- Kalimantan Province, and Ministry of Internal Affairs. Supports flew from Pontianak Residence (Host Residence), including from the government of West-Kalimantan Province, the Province gave 5 billion rupiahs and Pontianak Residence (Host Residence) gave 10 billion fund. So for operational fund, there was 15 billion rupiahs. While the Chief of Kubu Raya Residence located in Graha Pramuka building which was province asset and the host residence also apply for the representative office borrowing to the Kubu Raya Residence. At last, in August 10th 2007, Commission II Legislative legalized Rule No.35 / 2007 No 101 and the additional paper No.4751 about the form of Kubu Raya residence and the process Kubu Raya residence development ended. So that there could be concluded that the Kubu Raya residence development was aspiration from society of Batu Ampar sub-district, Terentang, Kubu, Teluk Pakedai, Sungai Kakap, Rasau Jaya, Sungai Raya, Sungai Ambawang, and Kuala Mandor B which wanted to develop their region into a better way, especially people service, whether in education, health, etc, since the region located far from residence center, since the access was not efficient. According to the residence could be seen that regional autonomy development of Kubu Raya residence needed to prepare various supporter’s toolslike government infrastructure facility, economic, social, human resource and financial, also the other supporting facilities needed by an autonomy region and increasing facility and infrastructure in land so that they could reach regions which still could not be accessed to make service to the society easier and focused their service to sub-district and villages around. So that the service given to the society would be faster since the time shorter and people would felt more satisfied in receiving service from the government.

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Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Government Sience (65201)
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