POLA INTERAKSI WARTAWAN DENGAN SUMBER BERITA Studi pada Peliputan APBD 2008 di Kabupaten Sumenep

Zarnuji, Zarnuji (2008) POLA INTERAKSI WARTAWAN DENGAN SUMBER BERITA Studi pada Peliputan APBD 2008 di Kabupaten Sumenep. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Political communicators and news compilers negotiate mutual profiting way in executing their business. Almost every day publics served by news about governmental performance. One of organization of area peripheral that is frequently times becomes source of news is Parliament (Local Parliament) SubProvince Sumenep, because the institution is place of gathering it of the journalists ( post), so that journalist to complement its (the news in process of confirmation to source of news is not necessarily move to other of place. The thing frequently not many known by media audience, because audience only tend to sees result in the form of printing; mould or broadcast, assumed thing reported on that is fact and truly correct. While a small part of seeking of news by journalist although sometimes many misleading public is not many expressed. Hence this research interests to find interaction pattern of journalist with source of news. To get information of his(its extreme case hence this study focused at pervasion of APBD 2008 in SubProvince Sumenep. Interaction pattern is relationship change ( relationships evolve) in communicative situation yielded from order or agreements which has been developed between people who to involve. This thing is visible from communications pattern grouped to become four: 1). Sportsmanlike situation and defensive, 2). Dependency and undependency, 3). Progressive and regressive spiral, 4). Accomplishment and rejection ( Brent D Ruben). While source of divisible newsbecome two. Firstly, source of conventional news, be source of the news in government offices; liaison or source of promotions; present at various valuable events of news; and applies note of public. Second, source of news nonconventional, that is source of news by using accuracy journalism ( precision journalism), contact with various group of minorities, and response to horrible role group of terrorist ( Herbert Strentz). Pass research strategy of naturalistic phenomenology, with observation data collecting technique involves ( observation participant) and open interview ( overt interview), hence data obtained analyzed inductively, that is specific data from field becomes units, then is continued with categorization. Result of research at local journalist of its(the interaction with source of news in pervasion of APBD 2008 in descending SubProvince at professional ethics, cultural social and or refers to preference in field. While the interaction pattern can be grouped to become three, that is : 1). Proactive and reactive, 2). Provocative and clarificative and, 3). Rational and traditional. While in processing its (confirm to source of news), journalist base on image of publics or only at its only. Thereby inferential that interaction pattern of journalist with source of news haves the character of conventional. Mean order or agreements which has been developed in communicative situation to refer to habit and condition of field. For the result can be recommended academically and practical. Academically, researcher suggests to communications student and the side of majors Department of Communication of Muhammadiyah Malang university. To communications student is for research in the form of scription, to be made reference and also addition of reference about interaction pattern of journalist and source of news. To the side of majors is for teaching expansion of research methodologies, so that result of this research can be made inspiration to study farther about journalistic studies. While practically, researcher suggests to journalist and source of news in interaction that rational. Its mean, functionary through journalist propagates government message that is of course ought to be known by public. While public is passing journalist [is] entitled to know the government activity. The end, in process of confirmation to relate equivalence of position between journalists and source of news.

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