Hamidah, Nur (2007) UPAYA MENINGKATKAN KEPERCAYAAN DIRI PADA ANAK TUNARUNGU MELALUI PELAJARAN FASHION SHOW( Studi di SLBN Pembina Tingkat Nasional Lawang ). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Just as the problems often experienced by the subjects Dw, he felt that he felt scared and less confident when must appear to invitations to attend events held by the province in which he felt that he saw the future are those that have a JV high office, so he must perform as much and as good as possible so as not disappointing that attended the event. Sometimes the subject will feel relaxed but when it would appear suddenly, the subject felt his head would float and accompanied by a cold perspiration. Another case with that experienced by subjects Nt, she felt insecure and nervous just at the stage and the show lasted, but when he followed the lessons and practice feel calm and relaxed. It's just that she often felt tired and easily tired, that's because the subject has indeed physically weak, although so do not build an excitement back even consider the subject follow-class fashion show subjects could spur him to be change kepribadianya of children who closed a child that is open in everything. The latter is the subject of Da, was first subject to follow lessons fashion show she felt reluctant to follow, because the subjects felt less confident themselves to him it is all due to physical abnormalities in her contained area of her eye, because one of his eyes slightly cross-eyed, that's which causes the subject to feel embarrassed to perform and compete with temantemanya. Sometimes the subject of seeing her friends who were practicing the distance only, but will eventually end up the subject of the course is by itself. Efforts to increase self-confidence in children SLBN Pembina National-level place in the area of Lawang, is not easy as SLBN is conceivable because we encounter many different kinds of children that have a backdrop and a very unique personality. Most of they have a mental disability and physical especially numerous in-class fashion show. To increase confidence in these children especially those experiencing speech and hearing disorders must be extra hard to build confidence in them, especially those who frequently experiencing various problems both at school and dilingkup family. Here is how the role of a teacher or coach to be able to provide and instill trust from an early age in children in order they feel no different from those of other children who have normality, so that the insecurity that had once menginggapinya not so great. The efforts of a teacher to foster and instill confidence in a person is not easy, but nevertheless would not would we as educators must continue to try to still help to they make the kids who dared to appear in public. One more thing that should be emphasized here that teach and educate these children must have an extra patience may be needed by them. Given these children, most of them had abnormalities physical and mental development requires us to be more patient as a teacher. Moreover the most importantly be able to understand, because they do not like a normal child lainnya.pengajar will provide the best for their students to instill confidence in him. Kesimpulanya is unktu increase confidence that good will could be developed if often involve themselves in in an activity that can be displayed in front of crowds. Just as experienced by children who attended one lesson art, he felt prior to follow lessons that instill confidence self, from the first they had felt unable to be performed or have courage enough to be like their normal children other. Even when they've started following these lessons sometimes they also still feel shy to appear in public much less joking and joked fellow also spelled out its themes and even their children who sometimes open and sometimes closed depending on his mood at the time. They also sometimes difficult to be able to follow each lesson given by their students. They generally liked the lesson is, just that they fear to mengekaspresikan himself. It was seen once during training, they were very enthusiastic but at the start turn one by one pupil demonstrate one of the poses that they have learned, they are reluctant to memperagakanya in public or in front of her friends. Similarly, the experienced by some children who have a low confidence level they should really be sharpened to be able to appear confident with herself own, as do various kinds of regular exercise be it outside the classroom and in the classroom. That way they will not feel bored to fast continue to follow lessons that instill how he should be able to perform confidently wherever they are, not only in school and on time learning course. However, confidence is essential to them when and anywhere, even if they do not like other normal children, they must believe on her for as much as possible to have strong mental strength and resistance against all kinds of things that they build an become discouraged. To be able to continue to instill their confidence in us as educators must continue to provide various training routines to get them used to how the way they walked and looked at the audience while they are training. That way they will also be used to adapt to new people newly met wherever they are. Kebenyakan of those Negri SLB Pembina attended the National In Lawang, experienced the same thing ie they felt less confident if they are in public places, but some of those who have attended art lessons as fashion show, many of them who have undergone a change that is already not experience inferior, feeling embarrassed when meeting people and even a sense of trembling which is often experienced by those already no longer perceived, they already feel comfortable and begin to change the way how to behave like normal children other. According to Hakim (2002: 136), that schools can be regarded as environments that were most responsible for can develop a child's confidence after the family environment. In terms of socialization may be said that schools play a role more important than environmental families are more limited number of individuals.

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