Fitriasari, Yuli Hartati (2007) SEKTOR INFORMAL SEBAGAI ALTERNATIF PEMENUHANKEBUTUHAN HIDUP WARIA(Studi Jasa Pada Anggota Ikatan Waria Kota Malang/IWAMA). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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As the impact of rapid technological, it occurred to rapid changes in various dimensions of life into an industrial society. Among the changes in Indonesia is changing the way people look up to the level of fulfilling the needs of everyday life. Despite the fact that proper fulfillment of the needs still difficult to access by the public, especially the middle class. According Moslow, human needs are divided 5 levels, namely: 1. Basic biological needs 2. The need for security 3. The need for love and have 4. The need for self-esteem 5. The need for self-actualization. For transsexual (a man who dressed and behaved like a woman), fulfilling the need for them as expressed Moslow, is not easy. So one of the alternative options that work in the informal sector, because they do not generally accepted in the formal sector. Two work in accordance with her feminine nature that is as salon workers and CSWs (Commercial Sex Workers). In accordance with the background, the writer interested in studying "the informal sector as an alternative to meet the needs of transgender life." The objective namely: 1. Knowing the reason for transvestites prefer a profession in the informal sector, as workers salon and PSK 2. Knowing the changes in social and economic life of transvestites after a salon workers and prostitutes. Type a descriptive qualitative study. The reason, in order to describe the actual reality of the informal sector that was involved by the transvestites who in Iwama organization in order to meet the needs of his life. The research subject has a criteria: Iwama member who worked as salon worker or commercial sex workers and members Iwama who doubles as a salon worker and also as a prostitute. Data collection techniques namely, observation, interviews, and documentation. Medium data analysis techniques using qualitative descriptive analysis techniques. The findings in this study are: 1. The reason for choosing a transgender salon workers because of age, free facilities, psychological and moral 2. The reason for choosing as prostitutes are transvestites economic, biological needs, have no other skills 3. The reason for choosing transvestite salon workers and sex workers is the economy, facilities, and biological needs 4. Social change transvestites after working at the salon is a recognition of the family, and gain social status 5. Social change after becoming a transvestite prostitute is economic, and social status in society worse. 6. Social change after work disalon and become prostitutes are economic, status, and psychological.

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