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Process after birth, humans will grow and flourish. According to time and rhythm of its own development that will bring power and own nature and capabilities will be developed by the environment grows. The result of the development of life that eventually becomes a development that unique and complex. Actually between the human and the other one has a phase a similar development, which must be passed as far as normal human beings life, where man sooner or later people will be age further, that the mark with changes in physical and psychological changes. Advanced age is a period of decline in both the individual circumstances physical and mental impairment, where old age is a natural process that is not can be determined by humans, but is a provision of God Yang Maha Esa. In Indonesia, according to the census in 1980, the population is 147.3 million people. Of that number there are 16.3 million people (11%) people aged 50 years and over, and approximately 6.3 million people (4.3%) people aged 60 years or older. It is estimated that in 2000 the number of elderly increases to 9.99% of the total population (22,277,700 inhabitants) with age expectations live 65-70 years. Projected by 2020 the number reached 29 million soul. This amount is almost equal to the population in one of the provinces Indonesia, for example, eastern Java at the moment. The number of elderly people is enough high background with a variety of life would be problem and penanganannyapun very diverse, because the elderly have the type Different personality: type wise, independent type, the type is not satisfied, type resignation (Nugroho, 1995:1). Adjustment by Hurlock (1999:248) Pointing at play the role of individual success to their relationship with another person or family and show the attitude and behavior pleasant. A successful adjustment refers to the condition mentally stable in the sense of able to solve the problem realistically. Adjustment is very important to be implemented because as social beings with individual can not let go environment where they are, then the individual is always in his life establish good relations with its environment primarily adjustment on elderly who often face the problem of aging such adjustment in dealing with the death of a spouse and how to shape relationship with the people around. The failure of adjustment can cause confusion, anxiety, fear in some people that can lead to the emergence of emotional upheaval, conflicts, tension and frustration, which will eventually withdraw, feel alienated and marginalized, and feel no terbutuhkan. With good self-adjustment will provide more satisfaction big for one's life and also to carry out the functions psychic activity of all kinds, one is faced problems arising from relationships with others, but the facts show that not all elderly people can adapt well despite they are in middle socioeconomic status. Social and economic conditions in the elderly is an important factor which can provide specific experiences to someone. Economic conditions of deprivation provide a specific pattern such as a person becomes sakitsakitan due to mental distress and lack of nutrition, so that affect the biological and mental health. Losing a loved one as a husband, is an issue which often occurs in a woman, death or divorce is ditinggalnya the cause of a wife by the husband. When the elderly left behind dead partner feels confused elderly, how they will face the next life after death left her partner, because people who had been accompanying was dead. Where they are always exchanging thoughts in dealing with problems in life, but everything will change everything and think of themselves without any accompanying side, especially the problems of financial security, living allowances, so that further age was not financially independent at 65. Everything that a previously discussed issue both but now there is no place to negotiate, exchange thoughts in the face of various problems that arise in everyday life because it has been left dead pairs so that the elderly feel lonely with this situation the elderly should be able to adjust to these circumstances. Based on initial observations will be undertaken by the researchers, the information widowed age feel very lost, especially if elderly It was away from her children, the elderly will feel nothing attention again. Meanwhile, the elderly who still live with their children would feel uncomfortable in doing things, fear desires are not in accordance with his children. Elderly who are unable to adapt to circumstances The elderly feel lonely, where elderly people feel excluded, rejected, abandoned, worthless, and felt alienated in a common life with community and family. So that the elderly do not feel their social relationships satisfying that eventually led to the elderly has decreased both physical and psychological health. If the loneliness that will drag on causing prolonged stress which eventually will cause depression. Fear and worry are also a threat and challenge facing people who entered the elderly especially bereavement spouse. Fear of illness and death, fear of lack of money and gradually losing a friend. Fear of loneliness and fear out of life social. All of this is the fear and suffering hidden in in the hearts and minds of people before the day many parents. So it's not guaranteed the elderly with high socioeconomic status can be happy. Being old is a natural process and happens to everyone. The problem is how to recognize and prepare for facing old age, another problem is how individuals looked at old age itself, in the sense of increasingly positive and negative can positive thinking people will increasingly accept aging. But the "accept" it does not mean we surrender or accept what is meant is how how we adjust to the age, doing reasonably fit with physical and psychic abilities of old age. For the elderly should be able to adjust and this is task is the development of conformance with physical decline and health, adjustment to retirement and reduced income (Income) families, adjustment yourself with the death of a spouse, forming relationships with people's age, form the physical setting satisfactory and social adjust flexibly (Hurlock 1999:10) From exposure to the above adjustment is very influential on the pattern human behavior, because of the problems associated with aging. Given the problems faced by elderly people in particular the elderly are widowed, sooner or later most of elderly people need to prepare and be able to adapt well, but the reality is still a lot of the elderly who have not able to carry it out. For that we try to conduct research on "Self Adjustment of Elderly Women in Socio-Economic Status Medium for the death of her husband. "

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion > BF Psychology
Divisions: Faculty of Psychology > Department of Psychology (73201)
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Date Deposited: 02 Jun 2012 02:24
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