STRATEGI PEMASARAN INDUSTRI MEDIA MASSA (Studi Sosiologis Terhadap Tindakan Sosial Pelaku Pemasaran / Sirkulasi Kantor Radar Malang dan Agen Koran di 5 Kecamatan Kota Malang)

Abdullah, Ahmad (2006) STRATEGI PEMASARAN INDUSTRI MEDIA MASSA (Studi Sosiologis Terhadap Tindakan Sosial Pelaku Pemasaran / Sirkulasi Kantor Radar Malang dan Agen Koran di 5 Kecamatan Kota Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Every company in fact has several goals in general, the same can be said of achieving maximum profits, provide superior service so that consumers feel satisfied. The level of expected benefits can only be realized through the achievement of certain sales volume levels, where it is so dependent on the activity and the ability of the marketing department which is owned by the company, in addition to product quality. In this study, researchers examined about "Marketing Strategies Mass Media Industry. The purpose of this research is to find out How marketing strategies and Daily Radar Malang newsagent? Any problems faced by the marketing department Radar Malang and newsagents? In this study, researchers used a descriptive qualitative research method, which aims to provide a clear picture about the state of the object at the present time based on the facts that appear or as they are. Sampling technique using purposive sampling technique, in order to obtain samples of 6 people. The instruments used in this study is an open observation and open interviews .. While the theoretical framework in this research uses the concept of rational action brought by Weber and the theory of Parsons Voluntarisitik Action The results showed that the marketing strategy adopted by the Marketing Radar Malang, the company tried to meet and satisfy customer needs and keingginan Newspapers, marketing reference used Java Radar Malang Pos embrace planning marketing strategies for efficient and effective in conventional, ie other marketing activity duties nature of marketing campaigns and events. Campaigns also Radar Malang marketing strategy with the intention of the publication and promotion so as to form an opinion in the community. In addition, Radar Malang also use every opportunity to open an exhibition event booth and provide affordable with discounts for consumers, in the face of competitors who are agents. Radar Malang trying to suppress and eliminate competition in the market, in determining the choice of marketing strategy with increased loyalty, ascertained that the level of customer satisfaction is considered most important. Besides keeping costs to increase loyalty program agents and consumers are not in vain and in taking profit, the city is the coverage area that take precedence over the district. Due to the cost to the city area is cheaper than than the district, Radar Malang seeks its products sold in the market without the use of market segmentation or division according to categories. But disiasati by providing quality products and only deal with the contents of the column disengangi by citizens of Malang.

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