Gambaran Kebahagiaan (Happiness) Lansia yang Tinggal Di Panti Tresna Werdha Muhammadiyah Kota Probolinggo

latifah, Nurul (2010) Gambaran Kebahagiaan (Happiness) Lansia yang Tinggal Di Panti Tresna Werdha Muhammadiyah Kota Probolinggo. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Happiness is feeling happy, satisfied, prosperous perceived by individuals with positive activities she lived and use the power possessed typical in everyday life. Someone said to be happy if it has the following characteristics, a person who is optimistic, has a gratification that is fun activities to do, have distinctive strengths that run every day in work, love, play activities and the caring and having a supportive social network. Happiness can make a person live his life in peace, as well as the elderly who have a chance to feel the happiness in her life. This study aims to find a picture of happiness elderly living in nursing homes. This study uses descriptive qualitative method. The subjects in this study is 3 elderly people who live in nursing homes aged 60 to 60 years old and feel the happiness of living in a nursing home. Data collection methods used ie by conducting interviews and observations. The validity of the data by using a triangulation technique based on the source of obtaining information from caregivers and fellow nursing home elderly. The result showed a picture of happiness that is felt by the three elderly is that when the elderly to perform activities they think are fun. Worship activities such as the Koran and prayer that makes the elderly grateful. No one scolded so bring a sense of security for the elderly. Can do activities that are meaningful to others. Elderly can exchange ideas with a story to a friend in the orphanage, so the elderly feel that there was listening so that can share. Receiving attention from visitors who give something of the elderly. In addition, the happiness that is felt to make the elderly feel more calm to enjoy his old age, feeling gained weight and feel healthy and long life.

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