EFEKTIVITAS PROGRAM SIARAN RADIO SEBAGAI MEDIA KOMUNIKASI (Studi Pada Program Siaran "Kata Kota Kita" di Radio Andalus FM Malang)

Jufriansah, Radityo (2010) EFEKTIVITAS PROGRAM SIARAN RADIO SEBAGAI MEDIA KOMUNIKASI (Studi Pada Program Siaran "Kata Kota Kita" di Radio Andalus FM Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Broadcast radio is one of communication media which its(the broadcast is addressed to the public. As for service which can be given by broadcast radio to can be in the form of aspects touching life of public by providing possible information hardly required by public especially concerning development problems executed by government nor quit of its(the service facet to public. Increasingly the many publics requiring information and entertainment amusement from the side of radio, hence there [are] also many growing and growing private sector radios. This swats broadcast radio offers programs event of entertainment amusement and info which is immeasurable if compared to government broadcast radio, so that public tends to prefer to listen private sector broadcast radio, especially at public in urban area. As supporting facilities for the above mentioned communications is public can apply it to lay open opinion or problems happened at their life, like public facilities problems, public service, governmental wisdom etcetera, like at broadcast program broadcast interactive broadcasted by Radio Andalus FM Malang at broadcast program " Said Our Town", positive picture from this broadcast program is supported by existence influence of its(the broadcast radio and its(the wide reach energy and relative cheaper. Pass broadcast program “Kata Kota Kita" it can happened interrelationship between communicator with communicant. The many commercial private sector broadcast radioes in a few year lately has many giving choice to public in choosing which radio they would listen every day. In taking choice which radio is taken a fancy, the hearers of course has many considerations of like quality, accuracy of news and contents of from broadcast program broadcasted by the radio. Increasingly hence requirement they information would also increases. In consequence at RadioAndalus FM, especially at broadcast program " Said Our Town", claimed for increasing its(the broadcast effectiveness that in harmony with development of public. From above description, hence emerging problems is how broadcast program effectiveness “Said Our Town" as one of private sector broadcast radio program. As for this research focus addressed to know broadcast program effectiveness " Said Our Town" what broadcasted by Radio Andalus FM Malang, visible from factors influencing it. Besides also to know resistances any kind of faced by broadcast program "Kata Kota Kita" in attainment of its(the broadcast effectiveness. To obtain data required in field, researcher digs data through technique; firstly, interview with broadcast program head, the broadcasters, team member “K3" as well as this broadcast program hearers. Second, that is documentation by the way of noting data from document or archival from publicity department, part of finance and part of Broadcast Program “K3". In analyzing data, here writer applies descriptive analytical method with qualitative approach, that is trying explains, depicts and elaborates systematically about real situation. From data which has collected indicates that broadcast program "Kata Kota Kita" have been enough effective. This thing is from the angle of eligibility, facilities and basic facilities, socialization of broadcast program, organization of executor, fund, activity plan and monitoring. Besides also visible at factor number of hearers, hearer selectivity, reach, duration, absorption of matter and about response hearer in answering to this broadcast program simply very either. But in writer field catch’s phenomenon becoming resistance in attainment of this broadcast program effectiveness, at his(its difficult to get comments from the institution with problems laid open by hearer. Suggestion which writer tells is shall the side of organization of executor " K3" earns more increases cooperation with institution of the Government of Town and city Malang (executive institute), Local Parliament Chief (legislative institute) and also private sector institutes that is often gets focus from public to process forwarding of problem from party(side " K3" to the institution can run at ease. Thereby hence effectiveness from the broadcast program will be able to increasingly increases.

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