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Studi Semiotika Terhadap Film “Bingkisan Untuk Presiden”, Karya Aria Kusumadewa

ADHI PERDANA, ARFAN (2007) Studi Semiotika Terhadap Film “Bingkisan Untuk Presiden”, Karya Aria Kusumadewa. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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In the context of mass communication, film became one of the media or delivery channels message, whether it's verbal or nonverbal. Reach McLuhan could then be a kind of breath, which bridge to which actually does the message of an action. Marshall McLuhan said that the film full of messages (the movie is the message). Message film, either denotation or connotation, strung through verbal and non verbal language. If the message can be interpreted or understood by the audience, the communication runs well. In the mass media (film), the process of verbal communication and non verbal, based complementary. Van Zoest argues that "the film is built with signs alone ". Signs It includes a variety of sign systems that work well together in order to achieve the expected effect. Unlike the written and spoken language, movies not consist of satuan-satuan separately, but a system that has continuity meaning. Therefore, the language of film is not sufficient if presented quantitatively. As Christian Metz said, "the movie is too easy to catch; a film difficult to explain, because he easy to understand, that's why he's difficult to be analyzed. " This is the underlying research to conduct studies using the approach of semiotics at the wrong analysis method one work (film) from director Aria Kusumadewa. The film titled "Gift For The President "is, lift the reality of life in society. Picture of reality communities (urban), Jakarta is full of social problems, conveyed verbally and non-verbal into a film produced in 1999, with issue namely the main narcotics and drug abuse (Narcotics and drugs). Semiotics and semiology, in fact, Both of learn about the sign. difference term, more the difference in orientation. First semiology refers to the European tradition that began by Ferdinand de Saussure (18571913), While the term refers to the tradition of American semiotics which is strongly influenced by Charles Sanders Pierce (18,391,914). In the definition of Saussure, semiology is "a science that studies signs of life in the middle society ", and thus, become part of the discipline of social psychology. The goal is to show how the formation of signs along kaidah-kaidah which arrangements. Meanwhile, the term semiotics or semiotics, which emerged in the late 19th century the flow of American pragmatic philosopher, Charles Sanders Pierce, referring to the "doctrine" formally about the signs: not only language and communication system composed of signs, but the world itself pun sejauh associated with mind manusia seluruhnya consists of signs because, if not so, man can not establish a connection with reality. In general, this research will ultimately describe the messages that exist in the 'text' film. Referring to the thinking of Roland Barthes, the text is not only related to the aspect linguistics course. text is understood in a broad sense, such as news, movies, advertising, fashion, fiction, poetry, drama and so forth. In addition to Barthes also used the theory that states there is Peter Wollen three kinds of signs cinematic, ie icons, indexes and symbols (Trichotomy sign Pierce). Third these markers by Christian Metz said such a shortcut that characterize in a movie. In a study using a model of semiotic analysis research, does not aim to determine the amount (itemize) and use angkaangka (Enumerate), and calculate the frequency of occurrence of which only describe the content that appears (the manifest content) of communication. But more on the meaning of signs contained in both the content of the film text visible and hidden content. So researchers prefer to use descriptive research method with qualitative analysis semiotics as a basis for research. Referring to research that has been done John Fiske against adeganadegan film, then, a first step, primary data will be presented in the form of film visualization visual scene per scene, along with camera work, dialogue, music and sound illustrations, composition, color, properties, settings, artistic, and the atmosphere is indescribable. The next phase, descriptive discussion of the identification of signs and signification found in Movies Gift For President. At this stage carried out meanings of signs which appear in the text (visual Signs). In making meaning, signs dimaknakan the denotative (see also Kurniawan, 2000:55), namely that there is special significance in a sign which is direct. This stage can be referred to as syntagm level (level syntagmatic). Lastly, the meaning is connotative, meaning implicit in wrapping the sign. an analysis of the sign with respect to elements of meaning; icons, indices, symbol. This stage is also called the level paradigm. Based on the results of data analysis can be known behold, the movie "Gift To The President", capable menggambaran abuse narcotics and drugs. Last scene is the key or answers from the title of the film itself. "Gift To The President" can be interpreted as a package to be delivered by the Word. In addition, the meaning of the message in this movie is like a gift given by the director to the audience, including a president. As the title phrase "Gift For President ", is a figurative form of a parcel of real content. Narration in the film This, wrapped with an atmosphere filled with terror. Terror in the context of the narrative of this film is penggambaran-penggambaran which indirectly gives audiences a psy war. However, visualization penyalahggunaan drugs can affect the double meanings. First, see the negative effects of drugs, the audience was afraid to come into contact with drugs. Conversely, for those who have never touched, it is possible there is a desire to try drugs. The emergence of frames Sutiyoso (VCD version) before ending the movie, can change audience perception of understanding of this film. In this context, the movie "Gift For President ", which was originally made for non-commercial purposes, counseling and social interests, turned into a film representative of the government, media propaganda power. Notes important signs in the movie Gift For President, is indeksikal, iconic and metaphorical. Therefore, this film can not be solely (Only) read unilaterally. But should be read in full, from the beginning of the film (opening tune) until the end of the movie (the ending until with credit tittle). This means that there is a relationship indeksial (causal) between scene per scene with liaison rantai-rantai shot or sequence. This could be one of the characteristics film-film Aria Kusumadewa work, where every scene in the film relate to each each other and should be followed. Eliminating one scene alone, it will destroy the scene other.

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