KECENDERUNGAN PERILAKU MAHASISWI PADA DUNIA GEMERLAP(Studi Tentang Perilaku Mahasiswi Pada Dunia Gemerlap di Hugo’s Cafe Malang)

Indrawati, Titin (2010) KECENDERUNGAN PERILAKU MAHASISWI PADA DUNIA GEMERLAP(Studi Tentang Perilaku Mahasiswi Pada Dunia Gemerlap di Hugo’s Cafe Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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ABSTRACT Modernism has made modern value entering societies all over the world. This modern values brought a life-style considered as „modern‟ and became reference of society‟s life. Society, especially youth, always dream of modern life-style. Through night entertainment, which famous with term night-life, all limitation and differences lost, made people became one in happiness. Night life could be activities to Cafe, enjoying karaoke and disco. Many consumers of night life were college students. Many students spent their time in night entertainment place like Cafe. In the morning to evening, college students spent their times to study, but in the night, they entertained themselves in Cafes. Male and female college students mix into Cafe night life. Life-style for teenager is identity showed that they were adolescent. The differences among adult and adolescent could be shown by their lifestyle. The research aimed to describe night life behavior, to find out the background forced female students doing night life, find out female students behavior in night life, and also to find out students tendency after night life activities. Research method used in this research was qualitative descriptive. The subject was female college students who loved night-life and in this, the writer took samples by snowball sampling technique. Data collection technique in this research were observation, interview, and documentation. Data analysis technique used was data reduction, categorization, and synthesization. Theory used in this research was social exchange by George C. Homans. The research concluded that influence of association and curiousty and finding entertainment to step private problems aside were the backgrounds of female students behavior in night life. Drinking, smoking, and dancing also taking a chat were behavior in night life. Social activities after night life were visiting small restaurants which were often they visited after night life activities. Beside, female college students did free sex whether with their couple or not.

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