Hidayat, Iman (2010) PERILAKU PERANGKAT DESA DALAM PENINGKATAN MUTU PELAYANAN PUBLIK (Studi di Desa Tunjung Tirto Kec.Singosari Kab.Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Along these years, public right to obtain services from the village officers had not been able to meet the expectations of all parties. Here and there were still found weaknesses that the impacst were often detrimental to the people who have received services. Empirical facts that occurred in the process of Knew Birth Card (MPA). In terms of processing timeliness of any delay, with the excuse-making procedures involving the Office of Civil MPA which was very busy daily. Not to mention the officials who deal with the Head of Government Affairs often absent, so people should wait. From here it appeared that the behavior of village officials in the service society tended to slow down the completion of service, finding various excuses such as lack of equipment and delay in submission of documents supporting the request, other reason was busy carrying out other tasks, could not be reached, and argued with the use of words "is being processed ". This research was done by using a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. Data was collected through observation and interviews and documentation. The data analyzed by presenting the data and drew conclusion. From the data obtained (1). The behavior of officerswhich provided services in Tunjung Tirto District Singosaro Malang Regency were in conformity with the existing formal rules supported with the tools of information or a phone in each village to explain device and news that the task must be completed. Focus more prioritization of work of the village and community interests remain oriented to the interests of society, although not yet implemented maximally as community demands. Procedural rules that make certain constraint for the village to provide maximum service, although service can be completed within a maximum of one day. In addition the village is always trying to coordinate cooperation and convey important information to the community in order to fulfill the service needs of the community by spreading some of which are easily reachable telephone number of the village in providing services to the genial, responsive smile hoping the service in the village have become familiar with the residents. The village has provided services to the public convenience. Such as news or information dissemination is always presented to the head of administration so that citizens are given the rignt information about services in the correspondence secretary. The distribution of duties and functions of each part in the village institution adjusted to what was to be achieved through the vision-mission of the organization and now it is already 60% done in accordance to each device. To that village officials so that the quality of service to society can be realized quickly and significantly, then obviously needed the togetherness of all of the village and the community. The form of attention as a tool to provide services to rural communities is often plunge in order to provide socialization activities to make the citizens understand to take care of those letters as a condition of getting service. (2). Constraints of the officers in giving its services were Tunjung Tirto Singosari lack of existing equipment, especially computers that still use low quality. Besides the low performance of the devices, such as the use of computers with the new program. Organizational culture that is very strict couldn’t serve the public flexibly because it collided with a set of rules. Besides lack of understanding of community services, such as unable to complete the service requirements so that the officers can not give the required documents.

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