SENSUALITAS DALAM FILM HOROR DI INDONESIA(Analisis Isi pada Film Tali Pocong Perawan karya Arie Azis)

Rakasiwi, Ratih (2010) SENSUALITAS DALAM FILM HOROR DI INDONESIA(Analisis Isi pada Film Tali Pocong Perawan karya Arie Azis). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The researcher took this title because in the film that was entitled the Tali Pocong Perawan was gotten by scenes that variatif (heterogenous), for example to be the scene was improper that often let the lust desire loose to be put forward to the community, so as the big theme that was offered by this film more uninteresting him. Regarding several analyses above that caused various interpretations for audiens (the spectator), then here the researcher was interested carrying out the study towards sensuality that was shown in the Indonesian movies industry at this time, especially in the scary movies. This research took the title of Sensuality in the Scary Movies in Indonesia (the Analysis of the Contents in the Tali Pocong Perawan movies the work of Arie Aziz. ). With the aim of the research of knowing forms of sensuality and as big the available sensuality scene in scary movies in Indonesia that was gotten in the Tali Pocong Perawan Movies. The method that was used in this research was the analysis method filled with the descriptive approach quantitative. The scope of this research was the horror film that was entitled the Tali Pocong Perawan the Arie Azis work with the element ordered that contained sensuality. This research the researcher used the analysis unit of the expression, whereas the unit measured that was used was the duration of the structure emergence of the category that was counted be based on the second. From the presentation whole of the Tali Pocong Perawan Movies was gotten that Sensuality in the Verbal Indication was 95 seconds, that most often emerged was the talking category intimate, that is as many as 55 seconds. This was caused by the characteristics of the actor's main gift the woman who was famous with the spoilt behaviour and words that were rhythmic tempted against the opponent of his kind. Now the other category that is feeling touched totalling 26 seconds and the indication sighed totalling 14 seconds. Whereas in the Verbal Indication adalah1350 the second, the category that had the duration often was minimal clothes, that is of 801 seconds. Then the two were the category embraced (sociofugal) that is of 168 seconds In the third place was gotten by the category of saw (affect display) with the duration 114 seconds. This film his original genre was the scary, but was received by the findings about the existence of the element of sensuality. Where the sensuality scene that was obtained in all the presentation have a duration for 24.1 minutes (1445 seconds) from 88.23 minutes (5303 seconds). That reached 27.3% or could be said almost 1/3 part of the presentation of this Tali Pocong Perawan. So as to be able to be concluded that this presentation deviated or was not in accordance with the big theme that was promoted by him that is the Scary.

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