Rahmawati, Anni Kurnia (2006) LATAR BELAKANG PRIA BEKERJA SEBAGAI PELACUR (GIGOLO). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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In modern times like now it's hard to get a land jobs with big salaries and coupled with the accretion an increasingly dense population. Indeed, human beings in everyday life do not be separated from the so-called needs. The need is to make humans are always trying to fulfill it. Especially after the crisis economic (financial crisis) in 1997 various social problems arise such as unemployment as a result many companies out of business. Eventually people will push their basic necessities of life but had no source of income then comes the dilemma for the community. Finally, many Small communities are forced to do a job to survive with become domestic servants, maids and there also being a prostitute (Suara Merdeka: 2002). There are still many people who think that a kind of work obtained easily and a large salary, it is impossible to be discussed let alone today. Surely the work performed was a job the less well (deviate from social norms). For example: working as prostitutes in the world of prostitution where there are some impacts that will occur in the present or the future is very risky (dangerous). But in a world of prostitution is not just didomisili by the Eve (women) or called WTS and there is also the Adam (men) or called a gigolo. Where both have the same profession working as a prostitute and the results obtained very promising future in a night time because they can turnover reap the benefits very besar.Mereka who work as prostitutes, especially a male prostitute (gigolo) does not necessarily need a requirement as applying for a job at a specific job requirements so they are easy but have a big risk namely (1). Looks cool, (2). Having a form of proportional body, (3). Having besar.itu zest for life is enough without any requirement lain.Umumnya who worked as prostitutes is still relatively young age. Their ages ranged 17-25 years, but they have a container or a network that would employ them through a person and a person is usually referred to as Mummy of female prostitutes and Papi community for the community a male prostitute (Gigolo) ( Novels: 2000).

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