Implementasi Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam Pada Anak Jalanan di Rumah Singgah AL Muhajirin Bangkalan – Madura

MIFTAHUL ARIFIN RASYIDY, AHMAD (2006) Implementasi Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam Pada Anak Jalanan di Rumah Singgah AL Muhajirin Bangkalan – Madura. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The Problem of public road child is a classical phenomenon which never be finished. Because, the existence of public road child is special illustration from life of street enough be apprehensive a bout be realized that they are sacrifices from wisdom. On the other side, an aggression behavior of street worker resembles an action which not be corrected according to morality or religion, it is really can’t be corrected just like that, because it will disturb tranquility and peaceful surrounding circle. According to psychology, the majority of street worker in labile condition, an easy to be influenced by their societies companion, and be carried by negative circle which open children opportunity to be private, pick pocket and another matter which resemble in immorality actions. So that, it’s needed to place of protection, direction and construction continually can minimize a immorality action which done with them, although from exploitation practice from not responsible sides. According to that phenomenon I am attracted to research the matter about teaching implementation of Islamic education for street worker in society institution which handle their street worker in Bangkalan, that in their “SAKERA” foundation Al­Muhajirin Madura Which handle street worker specially. As a mean to handle immoral action which done by street worker, and minimize action of exploitative done by side which not responsible. In this research, that the writer use the quality descriptive approach, by collecting method of interview, observation, and documentation data, by descriptive analysis. According to this research is obtained the conclusion that study implementation of Islamic education at ( stop over house ) executed informally, either from formulation of curriculum which adapted for condition and requirement of al­Muhajirin place house and only be valid in al­ Muhajirin place house applying of items more publicly like thoharoh, sholat, reading & write of Al­Qur’an, Despitefully behavior items applied in the form of “15 conscious dimension” which in it emphasize awareness to street worker “for discipline” regular and healthy life, either in house although in job. Applying of study method according to item mentioned. For example : Discourse, Sorogan, Sosio drama, demonstration, personal approach and question and answer. While applied study methods of classically, private and incidental. In it execution doesn’t get out of applied natural factor that is supplementary and resistor factor. Like condition of guidance children which still have willingness and desire. On the on the other side not easy to get out of them elementary character, wild and not easy to arranged. Despitefully a lot influence factor like situation of guidance, circle, facility and financing. By the end f this writing there one some suggestion able to be consideration of government, social staff, street worker and society specially to joint for minimize of immoral action done by street worker and improve human being life prosperity which include of system as a mean to analyze prosperous and fair society blessed by Allah SWT.

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