Siska, Anita Purnama (2006) PERAN DAN DUKUNGAN SUAMI DALAM MEMBANTU ISTRI MENGATASI KECEMASAN PADA KEHAMILAN. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The period of pregnancy is a time of great importance for a woman. Because pregnancy is a joyous time, new life that was conceived a woman is a source of happiness for the woman herself, her partner and also his family. Pregnancy also is a very unusual because it involves physiological change, biological and psychological change a woman's life. With the these changes will cause the women who suffered through it anxiety. So in this case the husband is required to support help overcome them. And this study aims to determine how the wife's husband support in helping to overcome anxiety caused by the change, disruption and anxiety that occurred during pregnancy and how due to the perceived wife with the support who has given them. This research uses qualitative research. Subjects in this study amounted to three people who were taken by using the technique snow-ball sampling. While the collection of data, researchers used interview method. The results showed that the changes experienced by mothers pregnant include: sensitive, irritable, easily offended, so they become more spoiled and wants to be taken into account by the husband. In addition, pregnant women also experience cravings, weight gain, putting milk into a little black causing pregnant women to be embarrassed, uncomfortable and not confident, mother pregnant also become lethargic and listless so easy to be lazy for pregnant women perform various activities. The complaint is felt by pregnant women: nausea upon awakening in the morning or when the smell of food and a previous perfume groove, back pain, swelling on foot, cramps in legs, dizziness when in crowds, standing too long or exposed to sunlight, shortness of breath and abdominal pain. Pregnant women also afraid with infant nutritional conditions in the womb or during physical condition baby soon. There is also pregnant women who are afraid of pain when the process labor was afraid if one day later and the sex of her child does not fit with the desired. Support from husbands is needed in this case for example, always keep the feeling of a wife, give praise, attention, fulfill all the wishes, massage or help with her homework. So that the support given to husband reduce the suffering caused pregnant women to be anxious. Support from husband can also make a pregnant woman to be peaceful, calm, find it helpful, proud and happy in live it.

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