Suparmanto, Suparmanto (2006) SUCCESSFUL AGING PADA MASYARAKAT DAYAK KANAYATN(STUDI PADA LANSIA DI KAB. LANDAK – KALIMANTAN BARAT). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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The aging process (aging) is one of the natural process due to metabolic processes continuously, so the body will lose function. From this situation, the elderly are often perceived negatively by some large community. The elderly are often considered to be helpless, sickly, not productive, and so on, which in turn will depend on or be burden to their children and grandchildren or other family members. Successful Aging as a concept that is interpreted as happiness and success of the elderly, has a universal dimension and cultural (emic and ethic). Universally, components that affect the achievement of successful aging include aspects of freedom from disease, physical function and mental adequate and continue to carry out the activity. The third component is laden with cultural content, so it can be said the sustainability of the activity is cultural dimension in the concept of successful aging. Activities of this very elderly influenced by factors of cultural background in which the elderly housed stay or come. Origin or residence elderly will be associated with values, attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the development of life them. Dayak own human life in the harsh natural environment. To deal with these natural violence they live in groups and share work, like when they open new fields or land when building new settlements (long house). Own forest for Dayak community (as well as on other indigenous peoples) are culture alive and thriving place which have shaped their civilization. Thus, it is not impossible if the Dayak are very "spoiled" by nature. This that is, that the forest is not only a source of food, clothing, housing; but also closely linked to socio-cultural and spiritual life. This study aims to determine the concept of successful aging in Kanayatn Dayak community. Data collection was done by interviews and observations with a sample of 2 (two) people. Analyze data using descriptive and qualitative analysis to the validity of data researchers used a technique triangulated. From the research result shows that the components affect the achievement of successful aging in the Dayak Kanayatn are: (1) Health or low risk of disease, (2) Fixed activity, and (3) The descendants of the lot.

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