ZULFA, ARINA (2009) PENERIMAAN DIRI PADA REMAJA PENYANDANG TUNA NETRA (di Bina Cacat Netra ”BUDI MULYA”, MALANG). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Blind teenager is a person who face problem on his vision, both in total (totally blind) or still has the limited vision and it could not used to read the normal writes sized 12 in normal light (low vision), by the age of 12 to 21 yeas old. The teenager was born in normal condition then had an accident that caused him blind at the age of teenage, will face many changes on him self, in physic also in psychologic. These sudden changes will appear negative emotions on him, because he must do some self acceptance process which take a certain time until he could accept his present condition. This research is aimed to identify the scetch of self acceptance process of the blind teenager, also the factors which support and barrier the self acceptance. The design of this research is using the descriptive qualitative approach. The subject of this research is 2 blind teenagers who learn the self acceptance in deformity house of “Budi Mulya” Malang. The technique – use in picking the subject is purposive sampling. The method of collecting the data is using interview. The technique of analyzing the data is using triangulation. The result of this research shows that the two teenagers were physically normal then suddenly got an accident and became blind teenagers. They used to be rejected their blind condition, got angry, depressed and finally they could accept themselves. These self acceptance are fluctuative and not stabil. Which means, the process of self acceptance could be repeated when the subject again facing some conflict which he could not solve them and also the negative thought of his condition. As for information that a woman (Subject) takes a longer time to accept herself than a man. This condition is caused by the way of facing problems, woman usually uses her emotions while a man uses minds. Woman is easy to fall down when the problem is about her physical matter while a man would fall down if the matter is about respect. However, the subject’s self acceptance will be last if he has a great hope. This thing is also supported by the religious approach with the same sufferers, so that he could think more positive, be realistic and motivates himself to go straight forward.

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