Yuliatim, Ayunda Tri (2009) MAKNA PEMBUANGAN LIMBAH INDUSTRIPENGOLAHAN IKAN PT. FKS MULTI AGROBAGI MASYARAKAT SEKITAR(Studi pada Masyarakat Desa Kedungrejo Kecamatan MuncarKabupaten Banyuwangi). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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ABSTRACT Forming of processing industry of fish PT. FKS MULTI AGRO in countryside Kedungrejo generates negative and positive impact for public. Positive impact is available of work field and negativity impact is company does not care to waste disposal system causing causes impure of area of around company. Waste which thrown in aqueduct that is then becomes one in Kalimati to bring separate impact for public around the waste place of exile because processing factory waste of the fish is changeable returns to become oil, fish, so that member surrounding waste place of exile also is profited by processing waste they to get addition of production. To see meaning from industrial waste disposal of processing of fish for the public, researcher formulates problem that is does industrial waste disposal meaning processing of fish for public around. In this research becoming research subject is countryside public Kedungrejo namely government officer of countryside, elite figure, active public in LSM, public who live in around fish processing industry, and processing public again waste from fish processing industry. Its data collecting technique is by using observation, interview and documentation. Theory applied is the modernization theory Anthony Giddens namely risk and danger of modern world, the symbolic interaction theory Herbert Blumer, and the theory hermeneutic Paul Ricoeur, where that modernization always is made balance to with industrialization and will surely generate risk for public. When standing processing industry of fish in Kedungrejo hence unconsciously public has risk that is in the form of environmental contamination and difference of social class that is increasingly apparent. Moreover, when public between upper social classes and social class under interacted hence the public will get a meaning about industrial waste disposal of fish processing. In the symbolic interaction theory Herbert Blumer which is convergent by three premises that is, first premise, express that the man acts based “meaning”. Second premise, with knowledge and experience, informant with result of interaction between publics around good with neighbor, worker PT FKS MUFTI AGRO and also with public having different social class causing influences meaning which they to generate and through an interpretation, they do an action. Third premise, its intention through interaction process can make perfect knowledge and experience owned by informant about waste disposal PT FKS MULTI AGRO. In addition, through interpretation concept Ricoeur is obtained [by] subject meaning based on experience, history and historical. From research subject, got category about meaning that is bothering because knowing impact of waste disposal PT. FKS MULTI AGRO, bothers followed with care movement of area, bothers however surrender ness to receive situation, doesn't bother because doesn't have knowledge, gives advantage to public to clarify difference between rich men’s and poor.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Subjects: H Social Sciences > HM Sociology
Divisions: Faculty of Social and Political Science > Department of Sociology
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