PEMAHAMAN WARTAWAN TENTANG HUKUM DAN ETIKA PERS(Studi Fenomenologi Pada Wartawan Surya dan Radar Malang)

Yasak, EllenMeianzi (2009) PEMAHAMAN WARTAWAN TENTANG HUKUM DAN ETIKA PERS(Studi Fenomenologi Pada Wartawan Surya dan Radar Malang). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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After Orba collapse and Soeharto change with B. J. Habibie, pressure from government and legislation in 32 years (1965-1997) were frighten thing, at 1998 years Indonesia find the freedom in democracy and press. At that’s period, legislation restrict press freedom abrogate, include SIUPP revocation and change with law of press No. 40/ 1999. In this era, freedom of press is good evaluate in Asia. Unfortunately, the golden period of the freedom press started faded in the last 2002, with appear out of press for practice deviation press. A lot of people evaluate press in this Reformasi era are to free, until several press journalist besides of law and press ethic along with less responsible to society which have knit to get truth and accurate information. Survey in Kompas newspaper look of 54,3% respondents talk press make worse situation, and just 37,1% respondent talk press makes positive situation. That’s matter makes researcher excited to examine carefully journalist comprehension about law and press ethic (phenomenology study at Surya and Radar Malang’s journalist). Related theory in this research is phenomenology theory from phenomenology tradition which concentration at aware personal experience. Theory in this tradition assumption if personal activity interpretation their experience and strive understanding from personal experience. In this matter, choose hermeneutic phenomenology that constitute human science research which involve feeling and people think were can’t to know as objective. The think and feeling is subject; so that object in this research is subject, the subject refers to journalist comprehension about law and press ethic and final include at their journalistic opus. To answer the question how journalist comprehension about law and press ethic, researcher use phenomenology method. Usually, analysis unit in phenomenology research is personal and main data in this method from in-depth interview and be valid with open-ended to direct of deep information. The result of this research refers to journalist comprehension about law and press ethic, possess three important influence of media content from journalist personality factor. First, journalist characteristics, personal backgrounds, and experiences. Second, journalist personal attitudes, values, and beliefs. Third, professional orientation or some one purpose when choose their job as journalist. Out of that, journalist participation in a press organization can change their mindset to guard their independence profession. Based on this research, journalist must consider their profession as dignity profession. Must be consider the independence profession because they are work to social important thing. With that’s matter, press can away their function better in autonomy as society institution.

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