POLA ATTACHMENT PADA KELUARGA JAWA(Studi Deskriptif pada Keluarga di Keraton Solo)

Handayani, Setyaning (2006) POLA ATTACHMENT PADA KELUARGA JAWA(Studi Deskriptif pada Keluarga di Keraton Solo). Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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Pastoral care from parents to children will create an attachment between children and parents. Attachment is the emotional bond that occurs specifically on a reciprocal basis between children with mothers who can provide a sense of security to the child so the child will obtain the fulfillment of closeness, warmth and security of the mother. In each area must have characteristics that differ in terms of nurturing and bonding behavior patterns among children with parents. In the Java community family also has a uniqueness in terms of child care. Holding of this study aims to determine the form of attachment (attachment) between mother and child on the people of Solo, Central Java. The study was a descriptive qualitative research. Subjects in this study were children aged 1 to 3 years are cared for solely by parents. She took the child to the age of 1 to 3 years is at this age occurred separately anxiety (separation anxiety) between children and parents as objects lekatnya. Data collection methods used were observation and interviews. Observations conducted with participant observation, while the interviews were conducted in the mother or the parents and close relatives of the subject. Results obtained from this study can be concluded that children from small already taken care of by their parents will establish a close relationship which is called viscosity. In this research showed that all subjects tend to be more attached to his mother than other family members. Attachment between children and mothers due to frequent the frequency of meetings between the child with his mother and the amount of time spent with his mother as a child at home. A child becomes inclined more closely to the mother figure for the mother who is first seen at the time of waking until falling asleep again. Mother also that always accompany any child's activity. While the father is rarely seen and rarely accompanied her father's activities because of busy work. The closeness between the child with his mother cause psychological attachment between the child with his mother that caused the child to feel calm and comfortable while flying near his mother. This is known as the sticky attachment patterns, intimate and safe or also called secure attachment.

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